Math Skills Workshop Series

Math Skills Workshops

Learning Support Services will be hosting a series of Math Skills Workshops on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from April 17th to May 5th in ARCenter 116. These workshops are intended to strengthen your fundamental math skills and ensure that you are fully prepared to tackle any quantitative material that might arise in your courses. The series is free of charge and open to all interested UCSC students regardless of major or class-level; sign-ups are not required and students can attend as desired. A full list of topics to be covered is provided below.


Monday 10:40-12:10PM (ARC 116)

April 17th: Overview of Functions

April 24th: Statistics

May 1st: Exponents & Logarithms


Tuesday 5:20-6:50PM (ARC 116)

April 18th: Quadratics/Polynomials

April 25th: Calculus

May 2nd: Trigonometry

Wednesday 7:10-8:40PM (ARC 116)

April 19th:  Exponents & Logarithms

April 26th: Overview of Functions

May 3rd: Statistics


Friday 1:20-2:50PM (ARC 116)

April 21st:  Trigonometry

April 28th: Quadratics/Polynomials

May 5th: Calculus