Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI)

What is Modified Supplemental Instruction?

Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) provides peer-guided interactive group learning sessions attached to selected lower and upper division undergraduate courses. The goal of MSI is to have students work together in groups to discuss and master the course material. MSI supported classes are assigned 1-3 Learning Assistants who each hold four one-hour sessions per week.

Link to MSI Schedule

When does MSI start?

MSI sessions begin during the second full week of the quarter.  Once session times and locations are determined, they will be added to the complete schedule linked above and announced in class by your Learning Assistant (s).  Full sessions will have their locations removed from the schedule starting Monday, January 16th. 

How to sign-up

By signing-up for MSI, you are guaranteed a weekly spot in a small-group that is dedicated to mastering the content of your course. You will engage closely with your Learning Assistant and your fellow students during these sessions, developing communication and collaborative problem-solving skills that will help you excel both in your course and in your post-college career.

LSS Facilitated Sign-Ups: (AMS 11B, BIOL 20A, BIOL 100, BIOC 100A, CHEM 8B, CMPE 16, CMPS 12B, ECON 100A, ENVS 25, MATH 11A, MATH 23A, SOCY 3B, SOCY 105A): LSS will be facilitating sign-ups for select classes that consistently have a high demand for MSI.  These courses have been marked on the list of Supported Classes. Students who want to attend MSI for these courses can do so by signing up at the Academic Resource Center during the first week of Winter quarter (Wednesday, January 11th to Friday, January 13th).

Sign-Ups for General MSI Courses: For any course that does not have sign-ups facilitated by LSS, students can sign-up for MSI directly with their learning assistant at the first meeting of the session they wish to attend. Students are still strongly encouraged to sign-up for a particular session to guarantee themselves a spot and to make MSI attendance a regular part of their weekly schedule.

Why should you use MSI?

MSI is not meant to replace regular attendance at lectures, sections or office hours, but is instead intended to be an additional resource to help students to excel in difficult, high-impact classes.  LSS encourages students to make weekly MSI attendance a regular part of their schedule, as we have found that students who consistently attend MSI benefit the most from the program.  This is not just because of the additional study time provided by regular attendance.  By attending weekly, you are builidng relationships with your fellow students and fostering an environment of peer-learning and collaborative effort that will benefit not only yourself, but everyone in your session.


Tutor/Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) Hybrid

Certain classes that have high demand have adopted the Tutor/MSI Hybrid model.  With this type of support, students are asked to sign-up for tutoring sessions during the first week of the quarter.  The tutor holds 4- sessions a week that are each 1 hour long and the sessions can hold up to 6 students.  When students sign up, students commit to attending weekly for the rest of the quarter.  Tutors are paid to attend one lecture per week and one hour to prepare each week.

Students who want to attend tutoring for these courses can do so by visiting the Academic Resource Center during the first full week of classes (Wednesday, January 11th to Friday, January 13th) and signing-up in person.

The classes supported with this model have been marked with two astericks (**) on our classes support list and can be found below: 

  • CMPS 005J-01: Intro to Prog Java
  • ECON 002-1: Intro Macroeconomic
  • ECON 117A-01: Income Tax Factors
  • LING 101-01: Phonology 1
  • LING 112-01: Syntax 1
  • PHIL 009-1: Intro to Logic
  • PHYS 110A-1: Elec, Magnet, Optic
  • PHYS 116A-01: Math Method Physics
  • PSYC 010-1: intro Develop Psych

MSI Writing 2

Are you a recently ELWR eligible student taking Writing 2 in Winter Quarter 2017?  Would you like to participate in writing workshops to help you develop as a writer? Learning Support Services will be offering MSI Writing 2: Good Writer workshops for recently ELWR  eligible students taking Writing 2 in Winter Quarter.  A total of 8-Good Writer workshops will be offered through the Winter quarter.  Each workshop has been developed by a UCSC Writing instructor.  The workshops will be conducted by a trained writing tutor and will be offered 4 times a week.  The workshop topics, days, and times are listed below. The workshops are meant to help you develop as a writer.  Recently eligible ELWR students taking Writing 2 in Winter Quarter can sign up for the whole workshop series (8 workshops in total) or for individual workshops.  Come to LSS at the Academic Resources Center to sign up for MSI Writing 2: Good Writer Workshops.

MSI Writing 2: Good Writer Workshops

Workshop Topics

  • Identifying and Reading Genre "Navigating Genre": Week of Jan. 16th
  • Critical Analysis "What is Analysis?": Week of Jan. 23rd
  • Making and Evaluating Claims: Week of Jan. 30th
  • Considering your Audience: Week of Feb. 6th
  • Developing a Research Question: Week of Feb. 13th
  • Identifying and using Resources: Week of Feb. 20th
  • Understanding Citation Styles: Week of Feb. 27th
  • Writing Beyond Writing 2: Week of March 6th

Workshop Days and Times:

  • Monday, 10:40-11:40am
  • Tuesday, 12:00-1:00pm
  • Wednesday, 4:00-5:00pm
  • Thursday, 2:00-3:00pm