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No Show Policy and Activity Assignments

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No Show Policy and Activity Assignments

All employees must complete activity assignment (s) for no shows

Staff Training

Please cite the research below or the slides if you are referencing this material for your own research.

Growth Mindset Slides: "Fostering Growth Learning Contexts: Research-Based Approaches in Student Tutoring & Mentoring" by  Dr. Covarrubias

CANRA Training

All employees must complete their CANRA training 2 weeks after their start date. 

CAPS Resource

CAPS is offering all students a new resource called WellTrack. This service is available through a website and mobile app that incorporates some support and learning services that focus on the mental well being of the user. More information on this resource can be found here

MSI Learning Assistants

Small Group Tutors

Writing and Drop In Tutors

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