Time Sheet Information for LSS Employees

All LSS Employees must submit time sheets every pay period. Below, you will find time-sheet due dates, instructions for turning in your time-sheets and example time sheet packets. 

Time sheets are due every two weeks by Friday. You will receive email reminders from the general CruzPay system and LSS. Time sheets can be submitted early (if you are done working for the week) but cannot be submitted late. If you miss the time sheet deadline, please contact an MSI/Tutor Coordinator or Anna Barringer, the office manager. If you submit a late time sheet, we cannot assure that you will be paid on time. Please plan your schedule to account for time sheet submission dates(s).

Fall 2016 time sheet Due Dates: 

  • September 23rd
  • October 7th
  • October 21st
  • November 4th
  • November 18th
  • December 2nd
  • December 16th

For the complete calendar, please click here

Submitting your Time Sheet to LSS:

The time sheet submission is a two part process.

Step 1: Fill out information on CruzPay and submit electronic time sheet(s)—this can be done at home or at the LSS office.

  • If you submit your time sheet at home, make sure you enable pop-ups from CruzPay on your browser or else you will not be able to submit your time sheet!

Step 2: Bring a printout of your CruzPay time sheet(s) and your summary and sign-in sheets to the LSS office and have it checked by our office staff.

  •  Please make sure the hours you record on your time sheet in CruzPay are consistent with the hours recorded on your backup sheets (summary sheets and sign-in sheets).

CruzPay Submission:

Please see the CruzPay instruction handout for specific information on accessing and entering hours in CruzPay.

All employees will have two time sheets:

Employees with individual hours will need to submit a time sheet titled “LSSTUT-IND. N/S. & Prep” or“MSI-Ind. Lec. Meet. N/S”

Employees with group hours will need to submit a time sheet titled “LSS Tutor-Group Session” or “MSI-Group Sessions”

Employees with both individual and group hours will need to submit both time sheets.

Example Time Sheets for Programs

Example time sheets can be found in the LSS Employee Hanbook. Please click here to download a copy of the handbook.