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MSI Schedule for Fall 2018:

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 Announcement: All Small Group Tutoring sessions for CMPS 101 are closed. Please check-in next week in case any spots have become available.

Most MSI supported classes also have Small Group Tutoring for the course. For directions on How to Sign up for Small Group Tutoring for MSI supported classes follow these instructions.

When does MSI start?

MSI sessions begin during the second full week of the quarter. Once session times and locations are determined, they will be added to the complete schedule linked above and announced in class by your Learning Assistant(s).

Do I have to sign-up for MSI?

If you want to benefit most from MSI, yes! Students tend to get the most benefit from the MSI sessions if they attend weekly or at least 6 times during the quarter. For some courses, MSI may have a sign-up procedure that will require you to sign-up for and attend a specific session each week. In MSI you can expect to engage closely with your Learning Assistant and your fellow students during these sessions, developing communication and collaborative problem-solving skills that will help you excel both in your course and in your college career.

Specific MSI supported classes do have sign-ups which are conducted by email outreach. For Fall 2018 only BIOL 20A, CHEM 1A-01, and CMPE 16 will involve online sign-ups.