Accommodations for Services

What accommodations does Learning Support Services offer students to access LSS programs?

Learning Support Services (LSS) aims to design programs and offer services that are accessible to all UC Santa Cruz undergraduate students.  One common accommodation that makes LSS programs accessible is individual tutoring. Individual tutoring is only provided to students who are affiliated with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and have individual tutoring as one of their accommodations to ensure access to LSS programs.

Accommodations to Learning Support Services Programs include:

  • Individual Tutoring: This accommodation is offered for all classes supported by both the Small Group Tutoring and MSI programs.  Students who are approved for this accommodation meet with the tutor one on one for up to 2 hours per class each week.
  • Extra Hours: Students can be approved for extra hours of weekly group and/or individual tutoring per class based on approved accommodations. LSS’ policy gives each student 2 hours of tutoring a week. Extra hours of tutoring gives students access to a 3rd hour of weekly 1:1 course specific tutoring, group tutoring, and/or writing tutoring per class. A student needs to be using 2 hours of tutoring before a 3rd hour can be provided.  If a DRC Coordinator determines a student needs more than 3 hours of tutoring for accessibility issues, the request should be sent by a student’s DRC Coordinator to the LSS and DRC Directors. A student should be using 3 hours of tutoring before the request for a 4th hour is sent to the Directors. Both Directors will need to approve this request.


  • Accommodations such as sessions being held in locations with reduced distractions, need for an interpreter, need for the student to have access to special devices, need for the tutor to present the material in varied modalities such as oral, written, repeatedly, etc., can also be requested.

What Does it Take to Make an Accommodations Request with Learning Support Services?

Accommodation requests must be for classes that you are currently enrolled in. LSS does not accept accommodation requests for waitlisted classes.

If you have academic accommodations, and need to access LSS Programs, please follow the steps below:

  1. The most important step is to affiliate with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC is able to approve accommodations for LSS programs for students who qualify on the basis of disability.
  2. Requesting services is a 2 part process:
    1. Students first request services through their student portal. This is required for the LSS verification process.
    2. Students then email The emailed request should include:
      1. Full Name
      2. Student ID Number
      3. Accommodation(s) requested
      4. Class(es) for request  
      5. Other needs (e.g.. sessions being held in locations with reduced distractions, need for an interpreter, need for access to special devices, need for the tutor to present the material in varied modalities, oral written, repeatedly, etc.)
      6. Your DRC Coordinator's name
      7. Quarter requesting services (e.g. Spring 2019)

For best results, students registered with the DRC should request accommodations at least two weeks prior to the first day that the services are needed.  To ensure that tutoring is available in a timely manner, students need to be proactive and begin working with a tutor at the beginning of the quarter, rather than waiting until they begin to experience academic difficulty or feel overwhelmed by the demands of the class. 

The same drop policy applies to students with one-on-one tutoring. For more information on our drop policy please see our Small Group Tutoring page.

LSS will not fill accommodation requests in the following circumstances:

  • Requests for any class a student is not currently enrolled in
  • Requests for a course a student is on the waitlist for
  • Requests for graduate courses
  • Requests for tutoring to help make up an incomplete
  • Requests for courses taken at any other universities or colleges
  • Requests made in a course where the professor has asked LSS not to support their class
  • Early start tutoring requests. Tutoring, no matter the type, begins the second Monday of the quarter
  • Requests made by Graduate students and students enrolled via UC Extension/Open Campus Concurrent Enrollment will be filled only if there is space available in current programs
  • Special requests can be directed to the LSS and DRC Directors if/when applicable

For all other inquiries please contact or call 831.459.4333