Comments and Facts about MSI

Comments About MSI from Students:

  • "It's nice to have people who are all in need of help coming together. I've met new people from my class and I understand the concepts better." (Chem 1C Student)
  • "The Learning Assistant included everyone and made sure every person understood a concept before moving on." (Bio 20A Student)
  • "The strengths of the MSI groups were the small groups and good environment where people want to learn." (Math 3 Student)
  • "The group learning that takes place during MSI sessions reinforces what you need to know." (Psych 1 Student)
  • "MSI allowed me to use the terminology of literary theory with an understanding and increased comfort with the language." (Literature 101 Student)
  • "The Learning Assistant didn't let people give up or pretend to understand. He was very patient and clear." (Economics 2 Student)

Some Important Facts About MSI:

  • Supplemental Instruction has a successful history on more than 600 college campuses around the world.
  • National data show that students who attend Supplemental Instruction average from one half to one full letter grade above the average of the non-Supplemental Instruction group.
  • It is guaranteed study/learning time.
MSI Supported Classes Fall 2005 No pass rate for students who did not participate in MSI No pass rate for students who did participate in MSI
Physical and Biological Sciences Courses (Astro, Bio, Chem, Math, Physics) 19% 13%
Social Sciences Courses (Econ, LALS, Psych, Socy) 13% 8%
Engineering Courses (AMS, CS, CE) 24% 21%