Comments and Facts about MSI

Comments About MSI from Students:

  • "It's nice to have people who are all in need of help coming together. I've met new people from my class and I understand the concepts better." (CHEM 1C Student)
  • "The Learning Assistant included everyone and made sure every person understood a concept before moving on." (BIOL 20A Student)
  • "The strengths of the MSI groups were the small groups and good environment where people want to learn." (MATH 3 Student)
  • "The group learning that takes place during MSI sessions reinforces what you need to know." (PSYC 1 Student)
  • "MSI allowed me to use the terminology of literary theory with an understanding and increased comfort with the language." (LIT 101 Student)
  • "The Learning Assistant didn't let people give up or pretend to understand. He was very patient and clear." (ECON 2 Student)

Selected Facts About Supplemental Instruction:

  • Supplemental Instruction has a successful history on more than 600 college campuses around the world.
  • National data show that students who attend Supplemental Instruction average from one half to one full letter grade above the average of the non-Supplemental Instruction group.
  • It is guaranteed time to practice problems with classmates