MSI Sign-Ups

Are sign-ups required for all MSI supported classes?

For most MSI supported classes, you are not required to sign-up before attending a session. However, LSS will be facilitating sign-ups during the first week of the quarter for select courses that consistenly see a high demand for MSI. These courses are listed below.

  • AMS 10: Math Methods I
  • AMS 20: Math Methods II
  • BIOE 20C: Ecology & Evolution
  • BIOL 101: Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 105: Genetics
  • CMPE 16: Appl Discrete Math
  • CMPS 5J: Intro to Prog Java
  • LING 101: Phonology I
  • LING 113: Syntax II
  • METX 135: Functional Anatomy
  • PHYS 110B: Elec, Magnet, Optic

Why should I sign-up for MSI?

By signing-up for MSI, you are guaranteed a weekly spot in a small-group that is dedicated to mastering the content of your course. You will engage closely with your Learning Assistant and your fellow students during these sessions, developing communication and collaborative problem-solving skills that will help you excel both in your course and in your post-college career.

You are strongly encouraged to make the commitment to attend MSI weekly, as we have found that students who regularly attend MSI benefit from it greatly. This is not just because of the additional study time provided by the program. By signing-up for MSI and attending each week, you will build relationships with your fellow students and contribute to an environment of peer-learning and collaborative effort that will benefit not only yourself, but everyone in your session.

How do I sign-up for MSI?

If your course was listed above, sign-ups for your course will be facilitated by Learning Support Services during the first week of Spring Quarter. You can sign-up in person for these courses at the Academic Resources Center from 9:30AM-4:30PM starting Wednesday, April 5th, unti Friday, April 7th.  After this initial sign-up period, the locations of any full MSI sessions will be removed from the online MSI schedule and replaced with "See Tutor in Class". You will only be able to attend full MSI sessions if openings become available. Please check with your Learning Assitant regarding openings in their sessions.

If your course was not listed above, you can sign-up for MSI directly with your learning assistant at the first meeting of the session you wish to attend!

Can I still attend MSI if I didn't sign-up in the beginning of the quarter?

Yes! You are allowed to attend any MSI session for your course that has space to accomodate you.

After the initial sign-up period, sessions that were not completely filled by sign-ups will remain posted to the online schedule and are open for anyone to attend. Any sessions that completely filled up during the intiial sign-up period or that becomes full in the course of the quarter will have their locations removed from the online schedue and replaced with "See Tutor in Class".

You will only be able to attend full MSI sessions if openings become available; your tutor will make occasional announcements regarding openings as they become available. You do not need to sign-up at the Academic Resource Center after the initial sign-up period has ended; you can do so directly with your learning assitant before or after class.