Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI)

What is Modified Supplemental Instruction?

Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) provides peer-guided interactive group learning sessions attached to selected lower and upper division undergraduate courses. The goal of MSI is to have students work together in groups to discuss and master the course material. MSI supported classes are assigned 1-3 Learning Assistants who each hold four one-hour sessions per week.

Link to MSI Schedule

When does MSI start?

MSI sessions begin during the second full week of the quarter.  Once session times and locations are determined, they will be added to the complete schedule linked above and announced in class by your Learning Assistant (s).  Full sessions will have their locations removed from the schedule starting Monday, October 9th.


Do I have to sign-up for MSI?

LSS strongly encourages you to sign-up and make a commitment to attend MSI weekly. By signing-up for MSI, you are guaranteed a weekly spot in a small-group that is dedicated to mastering the content of your course. You will engage closely with your Learning Assistant and your fellow students during these sessions, developing communication and collaborative problem-solving skills that will help you excel both in your course and in your post-college career.

More info on sign-ups can be found on the MSI Sign-Ups page.


Why should you use MSI?

MSI is not meant to replace regular attendance at lectures, sections or office hours, but is instead intended to be an additional resource to help students to excel in difficult, high-impact classes.  LSS encourages students to make weekly MSI attendance a regular part of their schedule, as we have found that students who consistently attend MSI benefit the most from the program.  This is not just because of the additional study time provided by regular attendance.  By attending weekly, you are builidng relationships with your fellow students and fostering an environment of peer-learning and collaborative effort that will benefit not only yourself, but everyone in your session.