Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI)

What is Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI)?

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MSI provides a weekly meeting time where students have the opportunity to work with their peers and practice material from the course. In MSI, students can expect to acquire effective learning strategies, work with peers to understand difficult course material, and build relationships with their classmates. Sessions are facilitated by trained peer Learning Assistants who utilize collaborative activities to ensure peer-to-peer interaction in small groups. MSI sessions integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn. Students who attend MSI sessions discover appropriate application of learning strategies as they work to master course content.

Traditionally, MSI is implemented in courses that may be challenging to students in consultation with faculty and department staff. MSI is also offered in select upper division courses that "core" courses in majors. 


If you are a faculty or staff memeber and would like more information about MSI, please contact Sharon Castro ( for more information about the services and how LSS can support your course.