Small Group Tutoring for MSI Supported Classes

What is Small Group Tutoring for MSI?

While many students benefit from collaborating in a larger group in MSI, some students are more comfortable in a smaller group setting. To ensure that all students can access effective academic support, LSS provides Small Group Tutoring support for all MSI supported classes. In Small Group Tutoring, students can expect a weekly recurring tutoring session, a smaller group size (max. 6 students), and a tutoring session geared to the small group's specific needs. 

To Sign up:

  1. Students can login online and sign-up using TutorTrac. When you sign-up, you're committing to attending your session each week. 
  2. This commitment will be reflected on TutorTrac and students will receive reminders of the session's day, time and location.

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Important Rules and Restrictions:

  1. All students are entitled to 2 hours of tutoring each week per course.
  2. Tutoring for MSI supported classes will begin the second full week of the quarter.
  3. Tutoring is a weekly commitment. If you do not show up to a tutoring session and don't give your tutor 24 hours notice, you will be dropped from the session (see LSS drop policy for more information).

Other Support:

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