Tutoring for MSI Supported Classes

LSS is committed to helping all students succeed in their classes regardless of their personal learning styles. While many students benefit from collaborating in a larger group through MSI, some students are more comfortable in a smaller group setting.  Small study groups can be better tuned to the pace and learning styles of individual members and are an excellent space to make mistakes and ask questions.

To ensure that all students can access effective academic support, LSS provides Small Group Tutoring support for all MSI supported classes. If you are interested in getting tutoring for your MSI class, please follow the instructions below. 

  1. Visit the LSS office in the Academic Resource Center to fill out the appropriate paperwork
  2. Register on the online Slug Success Collaborative Campus (SSC Campus) site
  3. If approved, sign-up for a subject tutor on SSC Campus

Important Rules and Restrictions:

  1. All students are entitled to 2 hours of tutoring each week per course
  2. Tutoring for MSI supported classes will begin the second full week of the quarter.
  3. Tutoring is a weekly commitment. If you do not show up to a tutoring session, and don't give your tutor 24 hours notice, you will be dropped from the session (see LSS drop policy for more informtaion).