How to Sign-Up for Small Group Tutoring

Sign-ups for Summer Session Tutoring Start:

TuesdayJune 27th @ 5:00PM

Enter the Online Tutor Sign-up System

How to sign up for a weekly tutoring session through the On-line Tutor Sign-up System (OTSS):

  1. Register with the Online Tutor Sign-up System at:

    • This step must be done EACH quarter.
  2. After you have registered, you should be redirected to the login page at:
  3. Click “Find a Tutor”

    • Choose “Writing” for writing assistance

    • Choose “Subject” for class-specific assistance

  4. Find your class:

    • Writing: Select “Writing 2” or  “Writing Across the Disciplines”

    • Subject: Find the department using the drop-down menu and type in the course number and letter if appropriate

      • Ex.) MATH 103A, HIS 5B

  5. Select a session that fits into your schedule (click on radio button)

  6. Click “Add Selected Tutoring Session”

    • If nothing works with your schedule you will need to bring a copy of your schedule into the LSS front office located in the ARCenter room 221.

If you would like to drop your tutoring session: 

Please send an email to letting us know that you would like to drop your tutoring session. In the email please give us the day, time and subject of the tutoring session you would like to drop. You can also call the front desk at (831) 459-4333.