Summer - Small Group Tutoring and Writing Tutoring

What services are provided during summer?

How do I sign up?

"Early and often" priority

Waitlist Requests

Sessions automatically recur

Drop Policy

Supported Classes for Summer 2019

What services are provided during summer?


Small Group Tutoring sessions during summer are limited to 10 students. Select link here for more information about our Small Group Tutoring program.


One on one appointments will be available on Slug Success during summer. Select link here for more information about our writing tutoring service. 

To Sign up:

  1. Sign in to the Slug Success system
  2. Sign up for a session as soon as Slug Success opens. Sessions fill up quickly, sign up early to secure yourself a spot! For Summer, sessions will be set to repeat for the entire Summer Session. Students to not need to sign themselves up for each week’s session(s).
  3. Come prepared to your tutoring session and be ready to participate with other students in your group.

“Early and often” priority:

Priority will be given to students who have attended their sessions early and often. Therefore, students who add themselves to a session later in the quarter (when they have not been attending regularly) may be dropped if the session size grows past 10 students. Tutors will be responsible for prioritizing students who committed early in the quarter and will try to accommodate students who want to join their sessions later on in the quarter.

Waitlist Requests:

Due to our limited tutor staff during the summer, students will not be able to submit waitlist requests on Slug Success. If a course is not on the list of supported for Summer 2019 or if students cannot attend any of the available sessions posted, LSS will not be able to support your course or add additional session times.

Sessions will be set to repeat:

Summer 2019, students using Slug Success to schedule Small Group Tutoring will be signed up for each week's session after they initially sign up. To make writing appointments recurring students must contact LSS at or (831) 459-4333 and request that their appointment repeat for the entire summer session. 

Drop Policy:

Tutoring is a valuable resource that many students use throughout their time at UCSC. To make sure all students have access to tutoring, Learning Support Services does have a student drop policy. All undergraduate students are allowed one excused absence as long as they give their tutor 24 hours notice. If a student does not show up to a session, and has not communicated with their tutor, the student will be dropped from the session scheduled.

Supported Classes for Summer 2019

Session 1

  • AMS 5-01: Statistics
  • AMS 7-01: Stat/MthdsBio/Env/Hlth
  • BIOL 20A: Cell & Molecular Bi
  • BIOL 100: Biochemistry
  • BIOL 105: Genetics
  • CHEM 1A: General Chemistry
  • CHEM 1B: General Chemistry
  • CHEM 8A: Organic Chemsitry
  • ECON 100A-01: Intermed Microecon
  • ECON 113-01: Intro Econometrics
  • MATH 3: Precalculus
  • MATH 11A: Calculus with Apps
  • MATH 19A-01: Calc,Sci,Engin,Math
  • MATH 19B-01: Calc,Sci,Engin,Math
  • MATH 21-01: Linear Algebra
  • MATH 22: Calc of Several Var
  • MATH 100-01: Intr Proof/Prb Solv
  • PSYC 1: Intro Psychology
  • SOCY 105A: Classical Soc Theor

Session 2

  • AMS 5-02: Statistics
  • AMS 7-02: Stat/MthdsBio/Env/Hlth
  • AMS 131-02: Intro Prob Theory
  • CHEM 1C: General Chemistry
  • CHEM 8B: Organic Chemistry
  • ECON 100A-02: Intermed Microecon
  • ECON 113-02: Intro Econometrics
  • MATH 2: Col Algbra/Calculus
  • MATH 3: Precalculus
  • MATH 11B: Calculus with Apps
  • MATH 19A: Calc,Sci,Engin,Math
  • MATH 19B: Calc,Sci,Engin,Math
  • MATH 21-02: Linear Algebra
  • MATH 100-02: Intr Proof/Prb Solv
  • PSYC 100: Research Methods

8-Week Session

  • CMPE 12: Comp Syst/Assembly Lang
  • CMPE 13: Comp Syst/C Programming
  • CMPE 16: Discrete Math
  • CMPS 101: Abstract Data Types
  • CMPS 109: Adv Programming
  • PHYS 6A: Intro Physics I
  • PHYS 6C: Intro Phys III

10-Week Session

  • WRIT 2-01 : Rhetoric & Inquiry (Supported with writing tutoring appointments)
  • WRIT 2-02: Rhetoric & Inquiry (Supported with writing tutoring appointments)
  • WRIT 2-03: Rhetoric & Inquiry (Supported with writing tutoring appointments)