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To find out what courses are supported through Writing Groups, click the Classes Supported button below. If you would like to know how to sign up for tutoring, click the Tutor Trac button below. 

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What are Writing Groups?

Writing Groups is a small study space for students to engage in critical thinking about key writing topics as they relate to their course: reading strategies, selecting credible sources, developing an argument, outlining and organizing an essay, revising and editing, proofreading and writing mechanics. UCSC undergraduate tutors and their peers practice writing skills and strategies outside of the classroom.


Courses with Writing Group Support

Fall 2022

POLI 105C - 01/LGST 105C - 01
POLI 120A - 01/LGST 120A-01 


How do I sign up?

Students must sign up for tutoring via Tutor Trac in order to attend. Once a student signs up for a session, your session on TutorTrac will repeat until the end of the quarter. When students sign up for tutoring, students make a commitment to attend weekly for the quarter. Students can sign up for up 2 tutoring sessions a week per course they are enrolled in.

Priority Sign-ups will open on January 6th. Sign-ups for all others will open on January 10th. 


“Early and often” priority:

Priority will be given to students who have attended their sessions early and often. Therefore, students who add themselves to a session later in the quarter (when they have not been attending regularly) may be dropped if the session size grows past 6 students. Tutors will be responsible for prioritizing students who committed early in the quarter and will try to accommodate students who want to join their sessions later on in the quarter.

Drop Policy:

Tutoring is a valuable resource. To make sure all students have access to tutoring, LSS has a student drop policy. Students are allowed one excused absence as long as they give their tutor 24 hours notice. If a student does not show up to a session, and has not communicated with their tutor, the student will be dropped from the session.