Writing Support

LSS writing tutors are undergraduate peer tutors who provide writing assistance across all disciplines to support students in their academic and career goals. Our vision is to advance students’ writing skills and develop their writing process so that they may feel more confident as university-level writers. UCSC undergraduates are eligible for up to two hours of one-on-one tutoring per week.

Why should I meet with a Writing Tutor?

All writers seek feedback on their work and make a habit of talking out ideas, processes, and habits with others writers. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher and writer or just starting out in your collegiate writing career, LSS writing tutors create spaces where students can converse about their writing and reading, learn revision strategies, and improve their understanding of their personal writing processes. 

Select the following links for information about students’ choices for writing tutoring support:
nh-questionmark-button-updated.png If you have questions about which writing tutoring option is right for you or other general writing tutoring questions, please email Nasheli Hau-Gutierrez, Tutor Program Coordinator, at nghau@ucsc.edu