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Writing Support Starts Sunday: 

One-Hour Scheduled Writing Appointments via Zoom

Writing appointments are available for all upper-division and lower-division writing courses including: Writing 2 and writing across all disciplines such as in History, Legal Studies, Politics, Film, Psychology, etc. Tutors will email students after they sign up with a Zoom link so that they can join appointments online.

To Schedule Individual Appointments: 

  1. Sign in to TutorTrac (our online sign up system)

  2. Writing appointments are available Sunday, March 15th through Wednesday March 18th of Finals Week. 

Sign-ups are a first come- first serve. Writing appointments are available for students to begin signing up today, March 12th. The appointment slots will remain open until 30-minutes before it’s start time. This means students will be able to sign up for writing tutoring on the same day they search for appointments on TutorTrac.

Writing appointments are available during the times listed below:

  • Sunday, March 15th   12 - 6pm

  • Monday, March 16th   3 - 6pm

  • Tuesday, March 17th   2 - 5pm

  • Wednesday, March 18th   2 - 5pm

Winter 2020 Writing Support

Students can stop by during our Writing Hub hours to participate in the LSS' Writing Studio. In Writing Studio students practice their writing skills and process for writing (prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing) with tutors present. Students read, write, and study with peers pursuing the same and different major(s).

A Drop-in Writing tutor will also be present to assist students who seek an individual 30-minute appointment. Drop-in Writing is the perfect opportunity for students to share their process for writing (prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing) with a tutor and together create a plan to strengthen their paper.


  • A friend with you
  • Your assignment prompt or description
  • Your syllabus and readings from class
  • Paper and something to write with

Writing Hub Hours

This schedule begins January 13th and ends March 13th, 2020. The Writing Hub is open to all UCSC undergraduate students.

LSS encourages students majoring in the Division of Humanities, Social Sciences and Art to attend on specific days. On these days, students are likely to collaborate with peers enrolled in their courses and/or pursuing the same major(s).





LSS encourages students in these majors to attend



via Zoom. Use this link to join online.


Legal Studies


Film and Digital Media



via Zoom. Use this link to join online.





via Zoom. Use this link to join online.


Film and Digital Media



*A separate schedule will be posted for Finals Week.

Other LSS Writing Support:

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