Sign up for Individual Tutoring



STEP 1: If you want to search for Individual Tutoring for a supported course choose “(Remote or In-person) Individual Tutoring by LSS” as the Center. 

If you are interested in attending in-person tutoring please chose the "In-person Individual Tutoring By LSS." If you'd like to sign up for a zoom tutoring session, please chose "Remote Individual Tutoring by LSS"




Fill in the options on the left-hand toolbar to complete your search.


Section: In the drop-down menu for "Section" you should see all the courses you are enrolled in this quarter. Choose the course that you want to search for available Individual Tutoring Sessions. If there are two listings for the course: one represents the actual class and one represents the discussion section. In these cases, we recommend that you choose the one with the shorter name.
From and To: Change the dates to include the date range you want to search for. 
Click "Search"


The available sessions and/or drop-in times for the course you searched for should show up in "Available Time Slots".
You can hover over the green boxes to see where the session will be held. For a list of common tutoring locations please click here 

STEP 2: You can sign-up for a session at any time. Click on the session you want to sign-up for and you should reach this page:



The Appointments Entry window provides you with a few options: If you want to let your tutor know what would be helpful to cover during the session, add any Notes for your Tutor, you can type them into the box to the right of “Notes:”
 If you want to be reminded of your appointment via text messaging, click Yes in the bottom text box. If you do not want to be reminded of your appointment via text messaging, click No in the bottom text box.

Click “Save” to book your appointment (i.e., sign-up) for the session.


STEP 3: Return to the main page using the “Main Menu” button in the upper-left-hand corner of your screen.



Your Appointments for the rest of the quarter now appear in your Welcome tab under “Upcoming Appointments” and in your Class Schedule tab. 
You will also receive a confirmation email from with the Session details, which will automatically appear on your Google Calendar or iCalendar.
One day prior to the session, you will also receive a reminder email from with the Session details.


STEP 4: Attend the session at that session start time.

At the scheduled session start time, follow the Zoom link from the appointment in your “Upcoming Appointments” which will become live 10 minutes prior to the session. If you are attending an in-person session, your tutor will be waiting at the location specified. For a list of common tutoring locations please click here.  
You can also click on the Appointment, which will open a window that provides all the details and the Zoom link for your session.
You can also click on the Zoom link in your Google/iCalendar event, your appointment confirmation email, or your reminder email from