Tutor Trac: Access LSS Tutoring Services

To submit troubleshooting tickets involving your user experience with TutorTrac, click this link! *Please use your gold username and password to login to Tutor Trac! 

If you are running into a passcode barrier, please fill out the google form. 
(All zoom links for Tutors' Sessions should have the passcode embedded for UCSC verified zoom accounts only. Please make sure you first log out and back into zoom. Here are Instructions for Signing out of Zoom on all devices.)

What is Tutor Trac?

Tutor Trac is our sign up system where you can find availabilities for all LSS Services

When does Tutor Trac open for sign ups?

Tutor Trac opens in the first full week of each quarter.


Click the Tutor Trac Button below and sign in using your Gold CruzID. 



To find out what program your class is supported by, check out our classes supported page!

After finding the program, use the left sidebar to locate instructions on how to sign up. 

(The program will be the center on Tutor Trac)


How to Access Tutor Trac


The following screen will appear. Click the Log-in button and log-in with your CruzID and Gold Password.


Once you log-in, you will see the Main Menu of Tutor Trac. To search for available LSS Services, please click on the "Search Availability" button on the left-hand toolbar.


You will end up on this page. In the “Available Time Slots” window you will see a list of all the classes supported by each program. You can also find another version of that list on our Classes Supported page. In the left-hand toolbar you will see an option for “Center:” where you will pick which LSS Service you want to search for.


There will be several different subcenters that pop up here. Use the classes supported page to determine what subcenter you would like to search.

Please note there are subcenters for both in-person tutoring and remote tutoring over zoom!

Once you search availabilities, you will see session times populate.
Hover over the green or yellow window boxes to see where the session is located! 
Click the session time itself to view the details
A window will pop up named "Appointments Entry" will show up. Click Save and Exit out of the window!


After signing up for an appointment, you will receive an email from LSS with your appointment details.