Finals Week 

Come check out the ARCenter as a study space during finals and our services offered. The ARCenter will be open as a study space beginning Sunday., Dec. 4, 9am and will remain open until Thursday, Dec. 8th at 11pm.  We will be providing free coffee, a great study space and extended drop-in hours.  Details are below.

Drop-in Writing Tutoring

There will be 30-45 minute appointments available as well as drop in services-first come first serve basis.  Call LSS to schedule an appointment, (831) 459-4333. Students can bring assignments from Writing 2 and classes across the disciplines.


Sunday, Dec. 4, 1-7pm, ARC 116

Monday, Dec. 5, 3-6pm, Esselen Nation Conference Room ( Bay Tree Conference Center)

Tuesday, Dec. 6, 3-6pm, STARS Office, Rm. 186, Kresge College

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 3-6pm, ARC 116

Thursday, Dec. 8, 3-6pm, ARC 116

Due to to funding restrictions we are not offering drop-in writing tutoring for CORE and Writing 23.

Drop-in Math

Available for student seeking assistance in Math 2, 3, 11A, 11B, 19A, 22, 23A and 23B.  During drop-in math, the tutor will circulate the room, helping each student for 15 minutes on individual homework.


Sunday, Dec. 4, 4-8pm, ARC 202

Monday, Dec. 5, 4-8pm, McHenry 1279

Tuesday, Dec. 6, 4-8pm, McHenry 1279

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 4-8pm, McHenry 1279

Tutoring services are available for fall. Please see our Supported Classes page for more information. 

Learning Support Services (LSS) aims to promote educational equity for all UC Santa Cruz students by fostering interactive,peer-based academic communities through Small group tutoring, Modified Supplemental Instruction, Drop-In Services, and Writing tutoring. At LSS, students are developed intellectually, conceptually, and professionally by building a strong foundation for student success and empowerment at the university and beyond.

List of supported classes

Learning Support Services offers several academic support programs:

Accommodations to Learning Support Services' Programs are available to students. Questions regarding accessibility should be directed to