Small Group Tutoring

What is small group tutoring?

Small Group Tutoring is tutoring that is attached to a specific class. Each tutoring session is led by a current UCSC undergraduate student who has taken the course and done well in it. Tutoring sessions are one hour long and generally have a capacity of 6 students. When students sign-up for tutoring, students make a commitment to attend the tutoring session weekly for the entire quarter. Tutoring sessions are meant to be interactive. Students should expect to participate in the tutoring sessions, ask and to answer questions, clarify important concepts, and to develop study strategies that are important for their discipline. Students are encouraged to have active discussions with their peers and tutor to create an engaging learning environment. All students can sign-up for up to two hours of small group tutoring.


Sign-ups for Winter 2018:

Tuesday, January 16th @ 9:30AM

Sign-ups for Small Group Tutoring end:

Friday, March 2nd @ 5:00PM

Enter the Slug Success System

Classes Supported with Tutoring

How to Sign-up for a Tutoring Session

Slug Success is a portal for students to search for course specific tutoring and sign-up for tutoring sessions.

  1. Sign in to the Slug Success system, and simply click the button to schedule tutoring.
  2. Sign up for a session as soon as Slug Success opens. Sessions fill up quickly, sign up early to avoid being put on the waitlist!
  3. Come prepared to your tutoring session and be ready to participate with other students in your group.

Drop Policy

Tutoring is a valuable resource that many students use through out their time at UCSC. To make sure all students have access to small group tutoring sessions, Learning Support Services does have a student drop policy. All undergraduate students are allowed one excused absence as long as they give their tutor 24 hours notice. If a student does not show up to a session, and has not communicated with their tutor, the student will be dropped so other students can attend the session. 

Why should you use tutoring?

Whether you are struggling in a course or you are doing well, there is never a case where you cannot benefit from a tutor! Students need to spend 12-15 hours a week studying for each course, and weekly tutoring attendance gives students a chance to use part of that study time in a guided space. Tutoring does not replace attending lecture, sections or office hours regularly. Tutoring is an additional resource for students to excel in their class.