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Spring 2020 Remote Learning: Small Group Tutoring

  • Schedule Posted: On Tutor Trac

  • Attendance: You must sign-up more than 24 hours in advance of the session and then join the Zoom link listed in Tutor Trac at the scheduled time. Sessions are capped at 6 students.

  • Quarter Commitment: You must commit to attending the SGT session weekly for the remainder of the quarter when you sign-up for an SGT session.

  • What to Expect From Remote SGT this Quarter: At the start of the session, your tutor will take attendance and address any technological issues. During the session, the tutor may invite you to use Zoom features, such as breakout rooms, screen-sharing, virtual raising hands, and the Zoom Whiteboard. Be sure to check out Zoom tutorials and resources so that you are ready to interact with your peers! Please be respectful and patient as people learn how to effectively use video conferencing and online services.

What is Small Group Tutoring?

Small Group Tutoring provides a small interactive setting for students to be comfortable to engage in conversations about course material with other students. Each session is led by a current UCSC undergraduate student who has taken the course and done well in it. Tutoring sessions are 1-Hour long and generally have a capacity of 6 students. When students sign up for tutoring, students make  a commitment to attend tutoring weekly for the entire quarter. All students can sign up for up to 2-Hours of tutoring a week per couse they are enrolled in.

Why should I use Small Group Tutoring?

Whether you are struggling in a course or you are doing well, there is never a case where you cannot benefit from a tutor! Students need to spend 12-15 hours a week studying for each course, and weekly tutoring attendance gives students a chance to use part of that study time in a guided space. Tutoring does not replace attending lecture, sections or office hours regularly. Tutoring is an additional resource for students to excel in their class.

To Sign up:

  1. Sign in to the TutorTrac system. Classes that are only supported with Small Group Tutoring are posted on TutorTac. If the class is supported with both MSI and Small Group Tutoring you will need to call or visit the office to sign up for a Small Group Tutoring session for that course.
  2. Sign up for a session as soon as TutorTrac opens. Sessions fill up quickly, sign up early to avoid being put on the waitlist!
  3. Come prepared to your tutoring session and be ready to participate with other students in your group.

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Students should review the Supported Classes page to find out whether their class is supported with MSI and/or Small Group Tutoring. For more information about Small Group Tutoring for MSI supported classes select the button below:

button for information on Small Group Tutoring for a class also supported with MSI

Attend Weekly:

Once a student signs up for a Small Group Tutoring session, LSS Staff will make your session on TutorTrac repeat until the end of the quarter. When students sign up for tutoring, students make a commitment to attend weekly for the entire quarter. All students can sign up for up to 2-Hours of tutoring a week per couse they are enrolled in.

“Early and often” priority:

Priority will be given to students who have attended their sessions early and often. Therefore, students who add themselves to a session later in the quarter (when they have not been attending regularly) may be dropped if the session size grows past 6 students. Tutors will be responsible for prioritizing students who committed early in the quarter and will try to accommodate students who want to join their sessions later on in the quarter.

Drop Policy:

Tutoring is a valuable resource that many students use throughout their time at UCSC. To make sure all students have access to tutoring, Learning Support Services does have a student drop policy. All undergraduate students are allowed one excused absence as long as they give their tutor 24 hours notice. If a student does not show up to a session, and has not communicated with their tutor, the student will be dropped from the session scheduled.