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Applications for Winter Quarter are now OPEN!

Please fill out the application form to be considered!

The deadline is December 9th, 2022!

Every quarter, LSS hires tutors and Learning Assistants across all disciplines. Students who apply must be in good academic standing as determined by your college, as well as have a minimum term GPA of 2.7 or higher. Please review our Student Job information below if you are interested in becoming a part of the LSS team. Also, feel free to contact our office at (831) 459-4333 or at with any questions about our hiring process.



Basic Qualifications for All LSS Tutoring Positions:

  • Must be a current undergraduate UCSC student. Priority is given to students who are at least in their 3rd year and transfer students who are in their 2nd year.
  • Must have taken the course before and done well in it (B or better). If you are applying for a math course, you need to have taken it or tested out of it. 
  • Must be in good academic standing as determined by your college.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative TERM GPA of 2.7 or higher.
  • Upon hiring, must participate in the LSS Tutor Training Program, which includes:
    • Logistics Meeting at the start of the quarter.
    • Ongoing trainings throughout the quarter.
    • NEW HIRES must enroll in a STEV 96, a 2-unit tutor training course the first quarter they are hired
      • Make sure there is room for this course in your schedule. Students will receive a permission code to enroll after they are hired.
    • Writing Tutors can take WRIT 169, a 3-unit course
      • Must get a recommendation from a faculty, staff, or other non-undergraduate UCSC community member
        • If you are a transfer student, you can request a recommendation from a faculty or staff member from your community college
        • Please request this only after you are selected for an interview
    • All Positions are paid at two rates:
      • $17.78 is the individual rate
      • $23.92 is the group rate


How to Apply:

  1. Read the job description for the position(s) you are interested in. Descriptions can be found in the left menu above. 
  2. Fill out this Google Form
  3. Go to Handshake and apply to the Learning Assistant/Tutor Job posting  

Tutor positions are both work-study and non work-study. The Student Office Assistant position is work-study only.


Open Postions

Large Group Tutor (LGT)

  • BIOL 100
  • CHEM 8B
  • CSE 100
  • CSE 103
  • CSE 16
  • MATH 11A
  • MATH 11B
  • MATH 19A
  • MATH 19B
  • MATH 21
  • PHYS 5A
  • PHYS 6B
  • STAT 131
  • STAT 7


Small Group Tutor (SGT)

  • AM 10
  • AM 147
  • AM 3
  • ASTR 119
  • BIOE 107
  • BME 110
  • CHEM 163B
  • CHEM 4B
  • CMMU 101
  • CSE 100
  • CSE 102
  • CSE 107
  • CSE 120
  • CSE 130
  • CSE 150
  • ECON 100A
  • ECON 100B
  • ECON 10A
  • ECON 10B
  • ECON 113
  • ECON 11A
  • ECON 11B
  • FREN 1
  • FREN 4
  • FREN 5
  • FREN 6
  • HEBR 2
  • LATN 2
  • LIT 186D
  • MATH 105A
  • MATH 110
  • MATH 2
  • PHYS 102
  • SOCY 3B
  • SPAN 3
  • SPAN 5M
  • STAT 17
  • STAT 5