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Learning Support Services calls the ARCenter home, but our tutoring happens all over campus. Visit our space at the STEM Hub in the Science and Engineering Library. Stop by the Oakes Learning Center for tutoring, or visit our cozy nook in the Hispanic Serving Institution's Modular Office overlooking the East Field. 

In all of our locations, LSS students find students find community, resources, and fulfillment. 
Read below to learn more about our spaces and how to get in contact with us. 


The ARCenter | HSI Office | STEM Hub | Oakes Learning Center
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The Academic Resource Center Building

Learning Support Services' home base is located in the Academic Resource Center (ARCenter for short). Nestled between tall redwood trees and an open, beautiful field overlooking Monterey Bay.

We share the building with our partners in success - Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP).  At the ARCenter, students can find big rooms perfect for tutoring and studying. They can find free printing upstairs in the LSS front office and staff ready to support students. Outside in the quad, partners like SHOP hold weekly events for students. Stop by to learn more! 

Want to reserve a room? Contact our office 

First Floor Plan 

 ARCenter, Room 116

Second Floor Plan

ARCenter, Room 202
ARCenter, Room 203
ARCenter, Room 216
ARCenter, Room 221

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The Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Office

HSI shares their space with our tutors Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. Students are welcome to study in their space as well. 
Find their office between Cowell College and the East Field.

Learning Support Services and the Hispanic Serving-Institutions Initiatives Office have a long, wonderful history. 

Innovative tutoring programs aimed at supporting Latinx success have been funded through federal HSI funds since 2015, like Supplemental Instruction, Mentoring, Small Group Tutoring, Embedded Tutoring, and much more. We are proud to have a shared vision to help students be the most successful they can be at UC Santa Cruz.

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The Science, Technology, Math & Engineering (STEM) Hub @ Science & Engineering Library 

The S&E Library shares their space with our tutors Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. Students are welcome to study in their space as well. Find the STEM Hub at the back of the first floor, behind the active learning classroom. STEM Hub @ Science & Engineering Library (Room 214) Location Map

The STEM Hub works towards having a one-stop shop where STEM students can stop by and find the resources they need to be successful. 

The idea of the STEM Hub came from the work of our HSI Initiatives partners as well as our EOP partners. Here, students can find tutoring, peer mentoring, and study spaces. This space is open to reserve, click to learn more. 

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The Oakes Learning Center @ Oakes College

Oakes College shares their space with our tutors Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. Students are welcome to study in their space as well. 

Find the Oakes Learning Center at the heart of Oakes College - above the Oakes Cafe and across the Oakes Upper Lawn. 

Location Map

Oakes College was the original home of Learning Support Services. In the 1980's Learning Support Services was named the  EOP Learning Center and provided tutoring for EOP students at UC Santa Cruz. 

In 2005 students voted to fund tutoring for all students, and so Learning Support Services was born. 

To this day, Learning Support Services carries the values of Oakes College - equality and freedom from oppression and to provide the highest quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. 



Contact Info for Academic Resource Center

To reach an LSS staff member directly, visit our Professional Staff page

Office Location

221 Academic Resources Center (ARCenter)Location Map

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221 Academic Resources Center (ARCenter) University of California, Santa Cruz 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office Hours

In-person and Remote via Zoom: M-F 10AM-12PM, 1pm-4pm

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