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To find out what courses are supported with Large Group Tutoring, click the Supported Classes button below. To sign up for Large Group Tutoring, click the Tutor Trac button Below.

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Large Group Tutoring

What is Large Group Tutoring?

Large Group Tutoring is out-of-class practice session that provides a space for students to work together on practice problems, go over key concepts as a group, prepare for exams collaboratively, and build community! In Large Group Tutoring, students will learn by participating in activities (yes, activities!), talking to other students, and build the skills they need to be successful in their class. tutoring sessions are led by other UCSC undergraduate students (Tutors) who took the class and did well in it.

Tutoring sessions do not have a weekly commitment (you don’t have to sign-up), students can attend large group tutoring as many times as they want per week. Large Group Tutoring sessions have a max capacity of 15 students. Large Group Tutoring mostly supports gateway courses (the foundational courses students need to declare majors) and core courses (the upper-division courses students need to graduate in their majors) in STEM and some Social Science disciplines.

If you are a faculty or staff member and would like more information about Large Group Tutoring, please contact Sharon Castro (, Lexie Tapke ( or Ana Martin ( for more information about the services and how LSS can support your course. 


How do I go to Large Group Tutoring? 

Students can view tutoring sessions Tutor Hub, LSS’ scheduling system. If your class is supported with tutoring, you will be able to view any tutoring sessions that are not already full.


Do I need to prepare for Large Group Tutoring?

Your Tutor will have a plan for you! We suggest you bring any books, notes, or resources you have for class. Come ready to meet and talk to your classmates! 


What are the differences between Large Group Tutoring and Small Group Tutoring? 

Explore the differences between Large Group Tutoring and Small Group Tutoring, then choose the program that's best for you!


This table summarizes the difference between the Large Group Tutoring and Small Group Tutoring programs.

Large Group Tutoring

Small Group Tutoring

Large Group Tutoring Sessions max at 15 students

Small Group Tutoring Session max at 6 students 

No weekly commitment (attend as many sessions as you want per week!)

Weekly commitment - sign-ups are required at least 24 hrs in advance and you can only sign-up for 2 sessions per week 

Large Group Tutoring Learning Assistants attend the class with you; keeping up with the material to plan sessions that keep up with your class

Small Group Tutoring Tutors prepare on their own. The tutors learn who you are, how you learn, and what you are most successful in to plan sessions that are helpful for you and your group. 

Large Group Tutoring is open to any student enrolled in the Large Group Tutoring-Supported class

Small Group Tutoring outreaches to EOP students to sign-up before everyone else. Then, Small Group Tutoring sessions are open to everyone else in the class