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Office Contact Information

a picture of Sharon Castro - she has shoulder length wavy brown hair with curtain bangs and wears blue,square glasses. She wears a lilac shirt with a gold necklace and is smiling happily.


Sharon Castro - Director 


Hello! I am Sharon Castro and I serve as the Director of Learning Support Services. I am also a child of Mexican immigrants, a first-generation college graduate, an educator, and an advocate. I am also the president-elect of the Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance

On campus, you can find me teaching the tutor pedagogy course, partnering with other student services offices, working with faculty to develop programs, or in the ARCenter chatting and connecting with tutors. 

Outside of work, you'll find me buying flowers to make flower arrangements, training my dogs to be mindful canine citizens or bird watching in the sloughs in Watsonville. 

Connect with me to learn more about peer learning pedagogy, to create programming, or to nerd out about dogs, birds, and flowers. 

stcastro @


Lexie Tapke - Assistant Director


 Hello! I am Lexie and I serve as the Assistant Director of Learning Support Services. I grew up in Sacramento, CA and come from a low-income background, was a STARS student, and was the first to attend college in my family.

On campus, you can find me teaching the tutor pedagogy course, working closely with faculty in your courses, and partnering with other campus resources that care about student success.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my partner and our two cats, Gnocchi and Enzo, watch American football and participate in fantasy football, and I love to read fiction, fantasy, and education research and critical pedagogy.

Connect with me to learn more about peer learning, to collaborate on student success initiatives, or if you want to see pictures of my cats!

ltapke @


Ana Martin - Tutor Project Coordinator 


Hi, I am Ana and I serve as the Tutor Project and Peer Success Coach Coordinator. I'm originally from Oak Park in Sacramento, CA. I am a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants, the eldest of 5 siblings, and the first to attend and graduate from college. 

On campus, you can find me working (and laughing with Natalie) in ARCenter 201, collaborating with office assistants on office processes, supervising coaches and tutors, and overseeing Tutor Hub, our main scheduling platform. 

Outside of work, you can often find me going to the movies with my partner, playing video games while hanging out with my two cats, Loki and Gatito, crocheting cute trinkets, doodling Mandala art, or reading mystery and fantasy books. 

Connect with me to learn more about tutoring, coaching, how to incorporate active learning in various spaces, or to talk about films! 

aimartin @

natalie davis photo

Natalie Davis - Supplemental Instruction Project Coordinator 


 Hi! I am Natalie and I am the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Project Coordinator for Learning Support Services. I am Wasian and grew up in the East Bay.

On campus, you will find me collaborating with our tutor mentors, expanding the SI program, and supporting and connecting with tutors.

Outside of work, you'll find me listening to K-pop, making yet another cup of tea, or doing newspaper puzzles.

Connect with me to learn more about SI, how to become a leader in peer learning, or if you want to see my photocard collection!

nahdavis @



Anna Barringer - Office Manager




Rachel Hupp - Administrative and Financial Specialist


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