Study Hall

What is Study Hall?

Study Hall is an additional support program offered for Math classes and Writing support. In Study Hall, students receive short, personalized 1-1 support for Math concepts and writing assignments.

The tutor roams the room and helps students individually with problems or encourages students to group up. Students can stay and get help on one problem then leave. Or students can stay in the space and finish assignments and study.

Math Study Hall supports the following concepts: algebra, trigonometry, calculus, vector calculus. 

Writing Study Hall supports all writing assignments.


When is Study Hall? 

Math Study Hall - Every week, in-person:

Math Study Hall schedule
Math-Study-Hall Button
  • Sun 11AM-3PM, ARCenter 116
  • Mon 10AM-2PM, ARCenter 116
  • Tues 10AM-2PM, 5-9PM ARCenter 116
  • Wed 9AM-1PM, ARCenter 116
  • Thu 9AM-1PM, ARCenter 116

 Writing Study Hall - Every week, in-person:

Writing Study Hall schedule
  • Sun 3-7PM, ARCenter 206
  • Mon 12-7PM, ARCenter 206
  • Tue 5:15-7:15PM, ARCenter 206
  • Wed 11AM-3PM ARCenter 206
  • Fri 3-7PM ARCenter 206

To sign up for these services, select the Tutor Hub button below (signing in with your Gold ID). 


If you are affiliated with the DRC, you may be able to request accommodations services with LSS for individual tutoring appointments for classes you are enrolled in and LSS currently supports. Please follow the instructions on our Accommodations for Services page to learn more.