Accommodations for Tutoring Programs

Learning Support Services (LSS) designs programs that are accessible to all UC Santa Cruz undergraduate students. Students who are affiliated with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and have accommodations can read below to learn how to request accommodations for tutoring.


Step 1: Affiliate with the Disability Resource Center and Request Services for Tutoring

The most important step is to affiliate with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and meet with a DRC Coordinator about academic accommodations at UC Santa Cruz.

After you meet with a DRC Coordinator, you must request services through your Accommodate portal. LSS cannot fill an accommodation that has not been approved by a DRC coordinator.


Step 2: Request Accommodations by LSS

Fill out the Learning Support Services Tutoring Request Form for DRC Students to submit an accommodation request at LSS.

Please note: Individual tutoring is a consideration and cannot be guaranteed. LSS does not fill accommodation requests in the following circumstances.

  • Requests made for any class that LSS is not currently supporting
  • Requests made for any class a student is not currently enrolled in
  • Requests made for any class a student is waitlisted for
  • Requests made for graduate courses 
  • Requests for tutoring to help make up an Incomplete
  • Requests for courses taken at any other universities or colleges
  • Requests made for courses where the professor has asked LSS not to support their course
  • Requests to begin tutoring before the program starts


We want tutoring to be successful for you. Students find tutoring most helpful, when they submit their accommodation request two weeks before tutoring starts. 

When you attend tutoring regularly and often, you will see the most impact on your grades and experience. Sign-up for tutoring as early as you can! 

For all other inquiries, please contact or call (831) 459-4333.