logo of learning support services

Learning Support Services (LSS) provides course-specific academic support services for all UCSC undergraduate students.  The program staff is proud that for the past four years from 5,500 to 6,000 students each academic year have used our programs, approximately 37% to 40% of the undergraduate student population each year.  As these numbers clearly illustrate, many UCSC students value participating in peer guided interactive learning as a study/learning strategy by signing-up for LSS programs each quarter.

The goal of Learning Support Services is to enable all UCSC students to maximize their intellectual potential and demonstrate academic excellence.  Therefore, we work closely with the University faculty to design and implement academic support programs that foster peer-guided interactive learning. 

Learning Support Services offers several academic support programs.  Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) provides course-specific small (maximum 10 students) interactive learning  sessions meeting once each week.  Learning  Support Services also offers Small Group Tutoring sessions for specific courses. Writing Tutoring appointments are also available for writing classes and classes throughout the academic disciplines that ask students to write papers as a way to communicate their ideas and intensive courses throughtout all academic disceplines.  Additionally, Drop-In Math and Drop-In Writing Tutoring is available afternoons and early evenings throughout each quarter.

All UCSC undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in the academic support services provided by LSS.  Besides offering students interactive learning opportunities, LSS offers jobs.  The program hires over 300 tutors and MSI Learning Assistants each year.  Additionally, 10 to 12 Student Office Assistants are hired. Many students work as tutors or MSI Learning Assistants for one course and attend tutoring or MSI sessions for another course.   

In case you are wondering, Learning Support Services programs are a part of your university experience at UCSC and are included within your yearly fees.  There is no additional cost for our academic support services.