Provide UCSC undergraduate students inclusive learning sessions facilitated by advanced peers to build a strong foundation for success and engage with a community of learners 


Achieving educational equity, empower undergraduate students as leaders, and provide transformative learning experiences at the university and beyond by partnering with faculty, staff, and undergraduate students


  • Cooperative peer-to-peer learning
  • Respecting multiple ways of knowing and doing
  • Supportive, positive, and caring environments that implement a growth mindset
  • Using research and data to create and improve Learning Support Programs that operate in our campus context
  • Accessibility
  • Institutional responsibility
  • Holistically supporting the student 


  • Increase students’ motivation, self confidence, and skills as self-directed learners
  • Cultivate students’ sense of belonging in active learning sessions
  • Increase visibility and representation in LSS leadership positions that matches the diversity of our undergraduate student population
  • Develop equity-minded educators
  • Advanced educational equity by improving student’s  grades in traditionally difficulty courses, Increasing retention and graduation rates, and decrease time to degree, and decreasing achievement gaps in these student outcomes