Learning Support Services provides academic support for all undergraduate UCSC students, at no additional cost. Our services are designed to help students excel academically! 

Programs include:

What can YOU do to make MSI/Tutoring sessions effective?

Go prepared:

  • Go to lecture, go to section, attempt homework, complete readings, review lecture notes, come to your tutoring/MSI session with a minimum of three questions, or a draft of the paper you are working on.
  • Come with tools: your book, lecture notes, copies or access to the assignment, calculator, paper, pens, course handouts, etc.

Critically think and analyze during the session:

  • What is being said by the tutor/Learning Assistant and other students?
  • Expect to be wrong sometimes, it is okay, a part of the normal learning process, and you are all there to support each other.
  • It is ok to not understand everything/anything as long as you have done your best in attending lectures, attempted required assignments and homework questions.
  • Expect challenges and setbacks. If something is not working don’t blame yourself or others.  Be positive, there is a solution and be willing to try new approaches, ways of thinking, study habits etc.

Expect to participate

Be willing to take risks

 If there is an issue, consider talking to your tutor or LSS Staff ( Concerns can remain anonymous if you ask them to remain that way.

Charis Herzon: Director Learning Support Services/Director HSI Initiatives/Retention Services, 831-459-3460

Sharon Castro: Assistant Director, Coordinates Small Group Tutoring Program and MSI Program for Social Science/Humanities courses, 831-459-1902

Jonathan Balderrama: STEM Skills Coordinator, Coordinates MSI Program for STEM courses, 831-459-3461

Nick Demello: STEM Skills Coordinator, Coordinates MSI Program for STEM courses, 831-459-4414

Jaqueline Morales: MSI/Tutor Coordinator, Coordinates Small Group Tutoring Program and Mentoring Program, 831-459-3462

Nasheli Hau-Gutierrez: MSI/Tutor Coordinator, Coordinates Writing Tutoring Program and Drop-In Tutoring Program, 831-459-1986

Brandon Day: MSI/Tutor Coordinator, Coordinates Accommodations, 831-459-5683