Mission Statement: Learning Support Services (LSS) aims to promote educational equity for all UC Santa Cruz undergraduate students by fostering interactive, peer-based academic communities through Small Group Tutoring, Modified Supplemental Instruction, Drop-In Services, and Writing Tutoring. At LSS, undergraduate students are developed intellectually, conceptually, and professionally by building a strong foundation for student success and empowerment at the university and beyond.

summer18banner.png              Summer Programs

Select this link for details on how to sign up, session policies and a list of supported courses this summer. Due to our limited tutor staff during the summer, students will not be able to submit waitlist requests on Slug Success. If a course is not on the list of supported for Summer 2018 or if students cannot attend any of the available sessions posted, LSS will not be able to support your course or add additional session times.


Small Group Tutoring sessions during summer are limited to 10 students. Select link here for more information about our Small Group Tutoring program. 


One on one appointments will be available on Slug Success during summer. Select link here for more information about our writing tutoring appointments or review our Writing Tutor BIO page to learn more about your writing tutor.