Learning Assistants and Tutors

AM 10-01

Tue Nguyen

(MSI Learning Assistant)

AM 11A-01/ECON 11A-01

Judy Yu

(MSI Study Group Leader)

AM 11B-01/ECON 11B-01

Judy Yu

(MSI Study Group Leader)

BIOE 20B-01

Elina Luong 

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi! My name is Elina Luong, and I’m an MCD Biology major in my third year at UCSC. I’m affiliated with Porter College, where I can thrive in an artistic environment. Although I’m not entirely sure which path to take with my future MCD Biology degree, I hope to be able to accomplish some of my own research and perhaps even contribute my own discoveries about STEM cells! While I academically focus on science, I love to dance, write, and paint in my free time. I’ve decided to work for LSS because I recently recognized how not everyone has the same amount of opportunities given to them, especially in STEM education. I’d really like to help other students gain a sense of academic confidence since I struggled with this for so long. I hope to make learning more fun and engaging outside of lectures. Fun fact: my zoom profile has a picture of my dog, Phoebe, and she’s an 11-year-old rat terrier!

BIOE 20C-01

Cassie Almond

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hey! I'm Cassie (she/her) and I'm currently a second year majoring in Ecology and Evolution and minoring in STEM Education. I'm an Oakes affiliate (ooooaaakkess), and I'm super excited to start as an MSI tutor because I love EEB concepts and I can begin to hone in on how to teach STEM topics. In my free time, I'm usually rewatching Criminal Minds or cartoons, wandering around campus, or talking to my friends and family.


Brittany Burrows

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi! My name is Brittany! I am a 4th Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major affiliated with Rachel Carson College. A fun fact about me is that I love baking in my free time!

BIOE 107-01

Selena Lin 

(Small Group Tutor)

Hi, my name is Selena. I am a C9 student majoring in Biology BS, and this will be my last quarter at UCSC. I've worked for LSS since the fall quarter of my third year and have grown to love this community so much (everyone is so nice and welcoming, and I'll be sad to part ways after this quarter). Lately, I've been very interested in gardening and have gotten back into baking. There's definitely a lot that I can learn about both, so for those of you who drop in for ecology tutoring, feel free to chat/give me tips about gardening or baking (or both lol)!

BIOE 109-01

Carmen Mei

(Small Group Tutor)


Hi all, I'm Carmen and I'm excited to be your BIOE 109 tutor this quarter! I am a currently 4th year MCD Biology and Psychology double major with a passion for teaching and creating equitable spaces in education. I was previously a tutor for Microbiology and have been working closely with LSS for a good 3 years now. One of my favorite things to do is explore new hiking trails, but I also love a good Netflix binge session. During this pandemic, I've found a new love for baking and love discovering new flavor combinations. I also love meeting new faces and connecting with others so feel free to reach out if you have questions, or just want someone to enthuse over the latest season of The Good Place!

BIOL 20A-01

Jesus Huerta

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hello everyone!!!! my name is Jesus Huerta. I'm a fourth year MCD human biology major affiliated with RCC. I'm a pre-med and hope to gain admission to medical school. I enjoy rock climbing and just became the proud parent of 5 plant babies (Ivysour, Rocky, Canela, Taquito, and little green). I look forward to helping you succeed in your academics and hope to see you in my MSI sessions.


Belinda Huang

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi! My name is Belinda, I am in my third year majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology! I hope to one day be an OB/GYN and working with women in the public health field. On my free time I love hiking and digital drawing. I joined LSS to help students navigate their classes and college in general. I hope to also inspire others the same way my previous mentors inspired me!

BIOL 100-01

Negeen Amerian

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hello! My name is Negeen Amerian, I am a third year Human Biology major and am affiliated with Stevenson College!


Linda Alonso

(MSI Learning Assistant)


I am an uprising fourth year human biology student. I am affiliated with Rachel Carson college and use she/her/hers pronouns. My current career path is the medical field and aside from being a college student and tutor I am a part of Volunteers Around the World (VAW), Hermanas Unidas (HaU) and work at Oakes Cafe. I decided to become a part of LSS because, I was once in your shoes and I want to make your college classes as smooth as possible.

BIOL 101-01

Shawnae Remulla

(MSI Learning Assistant)

BIOL 105-01

Alexie Barbee 

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi! My name's Alexie and I'm excited to be your MSG tutor for BIOL-105 this quarter! I'm a third year biomolecular engineering major and part of Merrill College. I'm a transfer student, and before UCSC, I attended Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California where I tutored math, statistics, and chemistry. After UCSC, I hope to complete a Bioengineering graduate program, and one day have a career in a lab conducting research. In my free time, I like staying fit by going to the gym and going on really long hikes. I look forward to meeting you!


Urvi Vyas

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi! My name is Urvi Vyas, and I am a neuroscience major affiliated with College 10! I have been tutoring for general chemistry and organic chemistry, and I am looking forward to holding my sessions! :)

BIOL 105-02

Anuraag Visweswaran

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)


My name is Anuraag! I've been working on genetics for a while now and it's a pleasure to do this course again. I love talking about anything and would love to discuss! The pandemic has hit everyone hard so I can't wait to see everyone's faces and get to know all the wonderful students.

BIOL 110-01

Tiff Nguyen

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi! My name is Tiffany, but everyone calls me Tiff. I'm a fourth-year affiliated with College Ten and majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. You will most likely catch me at the gym or in a food coma.

BIOL 130-01

Brittany Echevarria

(MSI Learning Assistant)

BME 160-01

Justin Chan

(Small Group Tutor)


My name is Justin and I am a fourth year BMEB major with a concentration in Bioinformatics. I am affiliated with Oakes College and I am interested in computational biology with the goal of performing medical research to underserved communities.

CHEM 1A-01

Malaika Menon

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)


Hey! My name is Malaika, and I'm a second year Human Bio Major affiliated with Oakes. I love playing soccer and volleyball and my favourite subject is chemistry. In the future, I want to go to medical school to work in Pediatrics. I look forward to working with you all!


Angela Leung 

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi everyone! I'm Angela Leung, a third year MCD Biology major and a Crown college affiliate. A fun fact about myself is that I like to hike and run. My career goals after undergrad here at UCSC is to get into a nursing program, either ABSN or MEPN. My hobbies include watching movies, exercising, and cooking. I decided to work for LSS because I really admired my MSI tutors during freshman year and I wanted to offer the same inclusive space for other students. I look forward to meeting everyone and working together!


Nelida Robles

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)

CHEM 1B-01

Bianca Reyes

(MSI Learning Assistant)

CHEM 1C-01

Tiffany Chen

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany, a second year MCD Bio major and a Crown affiliate! I am also a pre-med student that I want to become a physician and wok in the medical field. A fun fact about me is that I am a chocolate lover who enjoy movies and play instruments in my free time. I am excited to meet and work with everyone!


Kara Lo

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi I’m Kara! I’m a fourth year Chemistry major and STEM education minor. This is my 3rd quarter with LSS and I’m so excited to work with students again! In my free time, I like to play piano and guitar :)

CHEM 8B-01

Semin Hazir

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi everyone! My name is Semin. I'm a Human Biology major and a Cowell affiliate! Some of my hobbies are dancing, baking and cooking:-) I've always enjoyed studying with my friends and learning concepts through explaining them to each other. So, I very much enjoy creating a learning environment for students to engage with the material by thorough discussion and interactive exercises. Oh also, jokes and analogies with real life! You'll find me using those two as a handy tool in facilitating my sessions:) They only get better as more students participate so I hope to see you there!


Andrea Ramos Coronado

(MSI Learning Assistant)

CHEM 163C-01

Kara Lo

(Small Group Tutor)


Hi I’m Kara! I’m a fourth year Chemistry major and STEM education minor. This is my 3rd quarter with LSS and I’m so excited to work with students again! In my free time, I like to play piano and guitar :)

CHIN 3-01, CHIN 3-02, CHIN 6-01

Yizhen Wang

(Small Group Tutor)


Hello everyone. My name is Yizhen (Jane) Wang. I'm third year HAVC and Education double major student. I'm affiliated in College 10. So happy to be your Chinese tutor this quarter! I have been waiting for this chance for a long time. Looking forward to see all of you!

CSE 12-01

Nicholas Wen

(MSI Learning Assistant)


I am a 4th Year Computer Engineering Major with a concentration in Computer Systems. This is my 7th Quarter Tutoring, and I have tutored for Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics. In addition this quarter I am a LSS Tutor Mentor! In my free time I enjoy Woodshop, lasercutting, Cooking, and Gardening!

CSE 13E-01

Scott Oslund 

(Small Group Tutor)


Hi, I'm Scott Oslund, a sophomore computer engineering major affiliated with Crown College. I am interested in computer systems, discrete math, and electronics. In my free time, I enjoy strategy games, hiking, and mystery novels. I am passionate about learning and want to use my tutoring sessions to help all students get a high-quality education.

CSE 13S-01

William Dai

(Small Group Tutor)

CSE 16-01

Nathan Banner

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Heya! My name's Nathan Banner and I'm a 3rd-year Computer Engineering student from Porter College. I was born and raised in Santa Monica, California, and I hope to find a job down there when I graduate! Any free time I have is usually spent talking and hanging out with friends, whether physically or through Discord.


Margaret Pazos

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hello! I am Margaret Pazos-Zarza a fourth year majoring in Computer Science! I am affiliated to College 10! In my spare time I like to run and hit the gym, as well as draw/paint!

CSE 20-01

Cesar C. Ortega

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi, I'm Cesar. Currently I am a third year Computer Engineering major living on campus and an Oakes! affiliate. Some of my favorite hobbies are cooking and hiking. I'm a first-gen Latino student and am fluent in Spanish. Hope to see you in my sessions!


Fernando Rivero Chau

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hello! My name is Fernando, I am a second-year computer science major at UCSC. I really enjoy programming and working with computers in general and am very passionate about helping others succeed in the field. I am super chill and easy to talk to and am excited to create a collaborative environment in my sessions. Away from school I enjoy gaming, running, and eating.

CSE 20-02

Calia Thompson

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hello!! My name is Cali Thompson and I am a 1st year cognitive science major affiliated with Crown. Brains are my passion—I love absolutely everything about them, and understand nothing—but I have been known to dabble in pretty much every science that exists (and would absolutely love for you all to tell me literally any science stuff! Or other stuff!). I also really enjoy photography, tennis, and spending obscene amounts of time hunting for memes to send people. My latest fascinations have been soil classifications and prehistoric megafauna, but pretty soon I am hoping to learn about fungi and also find out what on earth is going on with quantum physics. I am very excited to work with you all, I love people so much.


Su Zin

(MSI Study Group Leader)

CSE 20-03

Simeon Tran

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hello there! I'm Simeon Tran, a second year computer science major and College Nine affiliate. This will be my first year as an LSS tutor, but rest assured that I will use the best of my abilities to help enhance your academic skills and to offer a friendly face to talk to around campus. Please feel free to ask me any questions or to just strike up a friendly conversation. I'm always happy to meet new faces and help out with any concerns you may have. Stay safe, and I hope to see some of you soon! :-)

CSE 30-01

Connor Masterson

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)


Third year Computer Engineering Major.

CSE 30-02

Neel Aiyar

(MSI Learning Assistant)

Hi, my name is Neel. I am a second-year Computer Science major from the Bay Area and affiliated with College Ten.


James Zhou

(MSI Study Group Leader)

CSE 100-01

Justin Rosario

(MSI Learning Assistant)

CSE 101-01

Juan Lee

(MSI Learning Assistant)

CSE 101-02

Sanya Srivastava

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi! My name is Sanya Srivastava, and I am a Computer Science Major in my second year. I am a college ten affiliate. I have a deep interest in mathematics, computer science, and astrophysics. Some of my hobbies are playing tennis, stargazing, and reading random research papers. I decided to work with LSS because being a tutor would give me an amazing opportunity to learn new things, utilise my knowledge, and help other students through it.


Aditya Tarde

(MSI Learning Assistant)

CSE 102-01

Aviv Brook

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi, my name is Aviv! I'm a senior affiliated with Stevenson majoring in computer science & computational mathematics. I enjoyed Computational Models a lot so I want to do my little part to make sure others who take it enjoy it as well. Uncle Iroh would say that theoretical computer science is best enjoyed with a friend (or... something like that). So beyond helping with the material, I hope I can be that friend for you :)

CSE 102-02

Graham Freifeld

(MSI Learning Assistant)

CSE 103-01

Sarah Adamson

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hello! My name is Sarah Adamson, I am a 4th year Computer Science Major affiliated with Porter College. I enjoy hiking and exploring. A quirky fact about me is that I can juggle and walk on stilts.

CSE 111-01

Omar Ahmadyar

(MSI Learning Assistant)

CSE 120-01

Justin Cheng

(MSI Learning Assistant)

ECE 103-01

Juan Tejeda 

(Small Group Tutor)


Hi there! I’m Juan, an Electrical and Computer Engineering major. I am an Oakes affiliate but living at Merrill this year. I love to hike and so on my days off I check out the trails around the campus. I got into my major in the hopes of helping the effort towards clean and renewable energy. My motivation is to live the American dream my Grandmother had in mind for her children. My weirdest hobby is stationary tools, I have too many pens and pencils.

ECON 2-01

Mady Barenchi

(MSI Study Group Leader)


My name is Mady (she/they) and I'm a fourth year, graduating this spring! I'm also a transfer student, Stevenson affiliate, and Business Management Economics major with an Accounting emphasis. Some of my hobbies include painting, caring for my houseplants, and more recently watching anime (currently loving Demon Slayer). I am excited to be working for LSS and having the opportunity to support students as best as I can during my last quarter with UCSC!

ECON 10B-01

Ivy Hatter

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi, I'm Ivy! I'm a second year Economics major affiliated with Porter college. I'm hoping to use my career to help others, either with a non profit or teaching. I'm also a big fan of baking and eventually would like to attend pastry school, as well!

ECON 100A-03

Khuslen Caicedo

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hey everyone! My name is Khuslen ('Who?'-> Whoslen), I'm a junior majoring in Economics. I'm affiliated with Cowell. I spend most of my free time roller skating so if you know any good places to skate please let me know. I decided to work for LSS because I want to help students succeed. I love to talk so feel free to reach out to me.

ECON 100B-01

Mike Moreno Perez

(MSI Study Group Leader)

FREN 4-01, FREN 5-01, FREN 6-01

Thomas Poppas

(Small Group Tutor)

GERM 1B-01, GERM 3-01

Angelica Tujo

(Small Group Tutor)


Hello! My name is Angelica! I am a 4th year neuroscience major from Stevenson College! One interesting fact about me is that I grew up in Germany for part of my childhood, so I have always had interest in learning the German language. I am excited to be able to share my unique experience in the language with others, and provide an inclusive space where all students feel welcome! In my free time I love swimming in the ocean, hiking in the forests, and climbing trees on campus!

JAPN 3@, JAPN 6@

Aria Drake

(Small Group Tutor)

JAPN 105-01

Nanako Tatewaki

(Small Group Tutor)

LGST 105B-01/POLI 105B-01

Cyreine Adams

(Writing Group Tutor)

LGST 120A-01/POLI 120A-01

Kelly Neal

(Writing Group Tutor)


Hello! I am Kelly, a third year Politics major affiliated with College Ten. I will be the writing tutor for POLI-120A/LGST120A this quarter! I love coffee, boba, makeup, painting, and music. I am always open to new song suggestions especially if you love the following artists: Declan McKenna, Brent Faiyaz, Arctic Monkeys, Peach Pit, The Mountain Goats, etc. I look forward to meeting everyone and working together to ensure a successful quarter!!

LING 50-01

Dylan Reinders

(Small Group Tutor)


Hey! I'm a Junior Year Applied Linguistics Major that loves language! Anything from Russian to Catalan I absolutely love and being able to tutor Linguistics has been the so fun for me. I think working for LSS has been one of the main driving factors in bettering not only my knowledge of the subject itself (Linguistics), but also just how to tutor, making it overall a rad experience!

LING 101-01

Delaney Gomez-Jackson

(Small Group Tutor)


Hi, my name is Delaney (she/they) and I'm a third year linguistics major affiliated with Stevenson College. I'm especially interested in linguistic fieldwork and am currently working as an URA for the Zapotec Language Project! Aside from school and work, I like playing video games with friends and making art.

LING 105-01

Miranda Ying

(Small Group Tutor)


My name is Miranda Ying. I am a third year, double majoring in Linguistics and Education, affiliated with College Nine. Some things about myself: I LOVE coffee, I dance on JK Family Kazoku Kajok at UCSC, and I've never had hot cheetos!

LING 112-01

Karen Lowe

(Small Group Tutor)


Hey! My name is Karen (she/her), but a lot of people call me "Mumu" [mu:mu:]. I'm a fourth-year linguistics and history double-major from Merrill College. I've worked with a number of organizations (the Okinawa Memories Initiative, KZSC 88.1 radio station, and City on a Hill Press), but I'm currently working as a paralegal intern with the Clean Slate Program at the Santa Cruz County Public Defender's Office and as a peer advisor with the Linguistics Department. You can find me in town (trying to) run, swim, surf, and rock climb. Hope I get to work with you!

LING 113-01

David Tuffs

(Small Group Tutor)


Hi, I'm David and I'm a third-year Cowell College affiliate. I'm majoring in linguistics and I'm excited to be working as an MSI tutor this quarter for LING 113. I'm currently working on my linguistics BA, but I'm also interested in learning other languages; I've taken Latin and Spanish, and I hope to start Arabic in the fall. Outside of school, I enjoy making crossword puzzles and writing music on GarageBand.

LIT 184A-01

Leighton Smith

(Small Group Tutor)

LIT 186A-01, LIT 186D-01

Lauren Hatcher

(Small Group Tutor)

MATH 3-01

Laya Ashely

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)


Hey, I am Laya Ashely and I am a second year student at UCSC. I am a Chemistry Major and my college affiliation is Merrill. In the future I hope that I can go into the medical field, hopefully medical research. A fun fact about me is that my favorite color is yellow and my favorite fruit is an apple. I am excited to work for LSS because I enjoy giving back to the community in anyway possible.

MATH 11A-01

Sophia Abueg

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)


Hello y'all! My name is Maria Sophia Abueg but I simply like to referred to as Sophia. I am a second year Neuroscience Major and I am a Crown affiliate. A fun fact about myself is that I definitely enjoy listening to comedy podcasts and watching Korean drama with my family. My main career goal is to hopefully become a neonatalogist or a neurologist in the future. I decided to work for LSS because I want to be able to help my peers succeed in their studies and help them reach their academic goals.


Lenno Lara Cortes

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)


Jialin Li

(Embedded MSI Learning Assistant)

MATH 11B-01

Sophie Freitas

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi everyone! My name is Sophie Freitas and I am a 3rd year Environmental Studies Major & Education Minor from Cowell College. I am a tour guide here at UCSC, and I am completely obsessed with One Direction, Harry Styles, and Disneyland. I am excited to work with y'all, and to help you in any way that I can. I looked forward to meeting and working with y'all soon!

MATH 19A-01

Nathan Humphries

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Mia Huang

(MSI Learning Assistant)

MATH 19B-01

Melany Del Cid Chavez

(MSI Learning Assistant)

MATH 21-01 

Juan Tejeda

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi there! I’m Juan, an Electrical and Computer Engineering major. I am an Oakes affiliate but living at Merrill this year. I love to hike and so on my days off I check out the trails around the campus. I got into my major in the hopes of helping the effort towards clean and renewable energy. My motivation is to live the American dream my Grandmother had in mind for her children. My weirdest hobby is stationary tools, I have too many pens and pencils.


Jason Yee

(MSI Study Group Leader)

MATH 23A-01

Rohan Kapur

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi all! My name is Rohan and I’m a second-year computer science and math major affiliated with Cowell college. This is my second quarter tutoring for LSS and I’ll be working as a study group leader for Math 23A. I look forward to holding inclusive, productive, and engaging group sessions this quarter from which everyone who attends benefits in some way! Thanks for stopping by!


Jasmine Tom

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi! My name is Jasmine, and I'm a second-year mathematics major. As a College Nine affiliate, I am currently living in the International Living Center (ILC) apartments on campus. I love learning about other cultures and am seeking to be fluent in more languages in addition to English and Spanish. In my junior year, I even plan to study abroad in Spain. On my free time, I enjoy arts and crafts, especially calligraphy and sketching. My favorite animals are turtles and manta rays! In the near future, I hope to continue inspiring others as a mathematics professor. Working for LSS will allow me to encourage students to reach their potential while growing as a community in the process! Hope to see you in my sessions :)

MATH 23B-01

Azucena Molina

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi! I'm Azucena Molina, pronouns they/them/she/her. I'm a third year Porter affiliate pursuing my B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in STEM Education. I'm very passionate about math education and joined the LSS team to help people get the best understanding of math that they can!


Morea Lee

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hi my name is Morea and I am a second year Pure Mathematics major and Statistics minor affiliated with Cowell college! A fun fact about me is that I am an avid stress baker and have spent most of quarantine learning to bake sourdough bread. A few other hobbies of mine include playing board games, reading, solving crosswords, hiking, and eating Ben and Jerry's. In the future, I hope to share my love and excitement for math while continuing to teach the subject to others. This will be my first quarter tutoring with LSS and I'm excited to lead sessions that are both welcoming and helpful to all who come!

MATH 24-01

Julian Lehrer

(Small Group Tutor)

MATH 100-01

Sean Riedel 

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi there! My name is Sean Riedel. I am a Rachel Carson College affiliate majoring in pure mathematics and minoring in physics. I am also a member of the NCAA cross country and track programs here at UCSC. My free time is usually spent unicycling, mountain biking, surfing, juggling, or working on a tasty math problem for fun. I don't know exactly what I want to do with my life yet, but I know that it is going to have something to do with education and math/science. I became a Learning Assistant because the only thing I love more than the feeling of learning something new about the beautiful universe we live in is sharing that feeling with others.

MATH 117-01

Jianhong Zuo

(Small Group Tutor)

MUSC 30A-01, MUSC 30C-01

Rubina Hovhannisyan 

(MSI Learning Assistant)

PHYS 5B-01

Daniel Petersen

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hey! My name is Daniel Petersen, I am a third year and this is my first time being an LSS tutor. Originally my college affiliation was Porter, then midway through freshman year I switched to Cowell. I'm majoring in Physics and Computational Mathematics with hopes of one day getting my PhD and researching nuclear physics. I am a very outdoorsy person, and immediately fell in love with our campus here at UCSC. I hope to see many of you in my sessions!

PHYS 6A-01

Christian Nguyen

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi everyone, my name is Christian, he/him/his pronouns and I'm an unapologetic hufflepuff with a passion for meeting new people and making new friends! I'm really passionate about pokemon, politics, reading fanfics and creative writing in general. In my sessions, there are no such things as stupid, pointless, and trivial questions every strength and weakness is welcomed and acknowledged. A personal philosophy I live by is truly believing that everyone is doing the best they can in life which helps me to be empathetic and empowers me to do my best as well. However you are feeling, both good and bad, every emotion is valid and we're going to work through this tough time together, to be the best that no one ever was!


Julia Feng

(MSI Learning Assistant)

PHYS 6B-01

Natalie Davis 

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hi! My name is Natalie Davis and I am a 3rd year Neuroscience major with a Chemistry minor affiliated with College Ten. I decided to work for LSS because I love helping others and want my peers to succeed. I enjoy doing sudoku, crossword puzzles, and bullet journaling in my spare time. I hope to meet you in my sessions :)

POLI 140D-01

Edward Estrada

(Writing Group Tutor)

PSYC 1-01

Madhurima Suribhatla

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hey there! My name is Madhurima and I'm a third year Cognitive Science major affiliated with College Nine. I decided to work for LSS because I am passionate about education and making it more accessible for everyone. I also know what it feels like to struggle in your classes and I want to be able to be there for other students who are struggling. After college, I am hoping to become a speech language pathologist and work with bilingual children and their families. In my free time, I like to bullet journal, paint, read, or draw! A fun fact about me is that I have an Instagram account for my bullet journal that I started during quarantine.

PSYC 10-01

Jessica Lopez 

(MSI Study Group Leader)

PSYC 20-01

Rachel Xin Yi Lau

(MSI Study Group Leader)


My name is Rachel Lau. I am currently a second year who is pursuing a double major in psychology and business management economics. I am affiliated with college nine. A fun fact about me is I love film photography and have started my film photography journey 3 years ago. I absolutely love how film photography capture the most candid moment and leaves a feeling of nostalgia.

PSYC 100-01

Amy Bezek

(Writing Group Tutor)


Hi everyone! My name is Amy Bezek, and I'm a fourth-year Cognitive Science major and Language Studies (Chinese) minor, who is affiliated with College Nine. Two fun facts about me are that I really like buying stationary (I'm constantly window shopping on Aliexpress for deals on cute stickers and notepads), and my favorite foods are soups and noodles! This will be my third year tutoring for LSS, and my favorite part about tutoring is supporting other students, and making connections with everyone-- I look forward to doing that with y'all throughout this quarter!

PSYC 170-01

Hannah Martin

(Small Group Tutor)

SOCY 105B-01

Julia Cheng

(Reading Group Tutor)


Hi, I'm Julia. I'm currently a third Crown affiliate studying sociology and cognitive science with a concentration in Human-Computer Interactions (HCI). I'm interested the how meaning is created and communicated across different peoples, mediums, and time. My goal is to become a user experience/interface (UX/UI) designer and create delightful online experiences. Some more random information about me is I love to travel and eat good food. Since travel and eating out isn't really an option, my new quarantine past times have been binging Youtube & learning to bake.

SPAN 1-01, SPAN 2@, SPAN 3@

Olivia A. Aurtenechea Eguiron

(Small Group Tutor)


Hola! I’m Olivia and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am the LSS small group tutor for this SPAN 1-3! I am a 2nd year Cognitive Science major and Linguistics minor. I am originally from Spain, I went to high school in France and now I live in Santa Cruz. I’ve had to learn different languages for my studies so, trust me, I know how challenging learning a language from scratch can be. Now, I want to help make your Spanish learning process feel as enjoyable as it can be.

SPAN 4@, SPAN 5-01, SPAN 6-01

Cristy Gonzalez   

(Small Group Tutor)



Rafael Barrios

(Small Group Tutor)


Miranda Aguirre-Bernal

(Small Group Tutor)

STAT 5-01

Sid Masuda

(MSI Learning Assistant)

STAT 5-02

Sarosh Sopariwalla

(MSI Learning Assistant)


My name is Sarosh and I am a third year here at UCSC studying Applied Math and Statistics. This quarter will be my third time tutoring STAT 131, and I am excited to meet and work with all of you! After my undergrad, I hope to study Applied Statistics and Data Science.

STAT 7-01

Austin Cho

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hello! My name is Austin and I'm a fourth-year Rachel Carson College affiliate majoring in business management economics with a minor in TIM. My favorite part of being a tutor is helping other students to become as enthusiastic as I am about the courses that I support. During my free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading, and exploring new places. I look forward to meeting you this quarter!

STAT 7-02

Justin Chan

(MSI Learning Assistant)


My name is Justin and I am a fourth year BMEB major with a concentration in Bioinformatics. I am affiliated with Oakes College and I am interested in computational biology with the goal of performing medical research to underserved communities.

STAT 131-01

Pablo Gomez-Echegaray

(MSI Study Group Leader)


Hello! My name is Pablo Gómez-Echegaray and I'm a 4th year Math Education major. I also minor in Computer Science and STEM Education. I came to love educating at my arts highschool where my teachers inspired me to pursue my own passions, academically and artistically. I wanted to do the same for others so that's why I joined LSS and why I plan to get my teaching credential after graduating. Because a great teacher can help someone overcome their fears or obstacles and that is priceless to me. I hope to get there one day. In the meantime, I like to indulge in my other hobbies like gaming, martial arts, art, and writing. I look forward to meeting you in or outside of my sessions!


Dylan Esguerra

(MSI Learning Assistant)


Hello, my name is Dylan Esguerra and my game is hard academic work and dedication.

Writing 2 Courses/Across Disciplines Writing Support

Tajah Lewis

(Writing Tutor)


Hi! My name is Tajah Lewis. I'm a second year psychology major, affiliated with Merrill College. I like makeup, nail art, and rollerblading. One day I hope to become a children's psychologist, but for now, I'm a UCSC student and LSS writing tutor!


Emmanuel J Ross Hartway

(Writing Tutor)


Hello, My name is Emmanuel J Ross Hartway, I go by He/They, I am a second-year first-gen EOP student and a Film and Literature double major. I joined LSS because I know that we all face many challenges impacting our ability to succeed in college and I want to do what I can to lighten the burden, especially for people with disabilities like myself. I also genuinely enjoy writing (I want to be a screenwriter) and like helping people with it. I'd like for others to be able to enjoy it as well, not for it just to be an obstacle. We pay to be here, I would like it if I could help you enjoy it.


Maybelle Caro 

(Writing Tutor)


Hi everyone! I'm Maybelle Caro, a third-year Literature major at UC Santa Cruz. I love listening to music, going to concerts, and discovering new places. I initially wanted to become a Writing Tutor to share my passion for writing with others, provide our diverse student body with equitable educational resources like tutoring, and assist fellow students in their writing journey.


Armando Magallanes 

(Writing Tutor)


Hey Everyone! I'm Armando Magallanes, a 3rd year student affiliated with Oakes! I'm a History major with a minor in Education. I'm from the East Los Angeles/Boyle Heights area of beautiful Los Angeles, CA, the City of Angels. My absolute favorite food has to be tacos, cuz why not? They're amazing! As a Writing Tutor and a fellow peer, I'm here to help you find your voice in writing, because that is one of the most important things you will discover and use here in college. I hope to see you in our tutoring sessions! YIP-YIP!!


Emily Curley

(Writing Tutor)


Madeleine Conroy

(Writing Tutor)


Kaden Austin-Lane

(Writing Tutor)