Meet our Student Leaders!

Learning Support Services is proud to hire, train, and develop over 200 undergraduate students as student leaders on campus. Read below about the experience students have had working with LSS and the impact it has had on their experience at UC Santa Cruz. 

Read below to learn about the experiences of LSS Student Employees


Adrian Gracia picte - long dark brown hiar wearing a flowery dress with primary colors infront of an outlook point

Worked: September 2018- March 2021

Classes Worked: CHEM 1A, BIO 20A, BIO 101, BIO 110
The time I spent at LSS allowed me to "get my feet wet" regarding the field of education. This in turn helped me discover and develop my passion for teaching! After my time at UCSC, I tried working in healthcare to pursue a different goal, but I kept thinking back to the work I did with LSS and to the joy that helping my students brought me on the daily. Reflecting upon my work with LSS helped me come to the conclusion that I wanted to pursue a career in education, specifically in teaching high school science. This is something that I would not have discovered had it not been for my experience with LSS. Going into my graduate teaching program, the experience of leading my own sessions and working with diverse, large groups of students elevated the confidence I had and carried myself with when it came time to step into the classroom.