Student Assistants

 The Student Assistants here at Learning Support Services are not only the first point of contact many students have when contacting our office, but also are the backbone to creating supplemental instruction services for UCSC undergraduates. You'll see our Student Assistants tabling around campus, at the front desk of ARC 221, or maybe you'll see them in your classes. 




Nayeli Duenas; 2nd Year; Sociology & Education 

My name is Nayeli Duenas and I am a second year sociology major and education minor, affiliated with College Ten. My future professional goal is to work with youth and underrepresented communities. I enjoy playing sports in my free time. 


Brian Egbuchulam; 2nd Year Transfer Student; Business Management & Economics

Hi, my name is Brian Egbuchulam. This is my last year at UCSC as an undergrad majoring in business management and economics. I aspire to own my own business one day. 


Edith Gonzalez; 4th Year Student; Business Management & Economics & LALS

My name is Edith and I am a fourth year from Los Angeles, affiliated with Oakes College. I am double majoring in Business management and Economics as well a LALS; Post Grad, I plan on pursuing a career in accounting. During my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends.


Gustavo Gutierrez; 4th Year Student; Cognitive Science

Howdy, my name is Gus and I'm a fourth year studying cognitive science. I hope to one day teach some rascals back in my home city of Los Angeles. I like cooking and reading all sorts of cool stuff. On sunny days, I like long walks on the beach as I enjoy musical compositions of Sir Jean Pollard. 


Ana Martin; 4th Year; Film & Literature

My name is Ana Isabel Martin. I am a fourth year double major in Literature and Film and Digital media. I am interested in education and working with youth in digital media. I enjoy screenwriting and creating digital art during my free time. 


Liliana Nazario; 3rd Year; MCD Biology 

My name is Liliana Nazario. I am a third year majoring in MCD Biology. I'm from Thermal, California, but originally from Jalisco, Mexico. I'm a pre-med student so I am intersted in attending medical school and have a career in the medical field. I enjoy watching the sunset, exercising, and eating Mexican food. 


Katy Reyes; 4th Year; Cognitive Psychology

Hey, my name is Katy Reyes. I am a 4th year cognitive psychology major. I was raised in East oakland and after graduating, I'm hoping to pursue a nursing degree. 


William Rosales; 3rd Year; History, Legal Studies & Politics

Hi my name is William, I am a third year Politics, Legal Studies, and History major from Oakes College. I'm a first generation college student from the Central Valley. My career goals are to continue school after undergrad either in Law or go to graduate school. 


Efrain Ruiz; Earth & Planatary Science with a concentration in Ocean Science 

I am a fourth year Earth and Planetary Sciences major with a concentration in Ocean Sciences. Graduating, I hope to work at a National State park doing research and one day maybe make my own topo/geographic map. 


Gaby Servin-Cendejas; 4th Year; Business Management & Economics

Hello, my name is Gabriela Servin and I am currently a 4th year here at UCSC. I am majoring in Business Mangaement and Economics and minoring in Technology and Informations Management. I hope that when I graduate I can find a job in public relations. My hobbies as of now are reading and taking care of my plants.