MSI Learning Assistant Position

What is a MSI Learning Assistant?

During the MSI sessions, the Learning Assistant creates a collaborative environment where students work together to understand class material. Through collaborative activities and interactive environments students gain study skills, confidence in the material, and friendships with their peers that will help them excel in their courses. You, as the Learning Assistant, should not expect to present new material or deliver information through the traditional lecture style. MSI Learning Assistants sit-in on all lectures of the class they are assigned to and use lecture as a time to review material and prepare for their MSI sessions. LSS attaches MSI to classes that are challenging for students. Frequently, those are classes with a no-pass rate of 20% or above.

MSI Learning Assistant for a specific course:

  • Overall, position requires 8-12 hours per week
  • You must attend lecture for the class you are a MSI Learning Assistant for
  • Be available to hold 6 sessions a week. The usual schedule is:
    • Hold four one hour MSI sessions a week.
    • Be available for two additional one hour Small Group Tutoring sessions
  • Hold study sessions during exam weeks as needed
  • Attend weekly meetings with faculty or staff if asked