MSI Learning Assistant Position and Qualifications

Math 2 MSI Learning Assistant:

  • The position requires 12 hours every week
  • You must attend lecture (course lecture must fit with schedule)
  • You must hold assigned sessions, 10-12 students (5.25 -7 hours per week)
  • Weeks of exam hold extra study sessions for your students
  • Weekly meetings with the instructor (time TBA)
  • Weekly meetings with the LSS staff (time TBA)

Additional requirements to be an MSI Math 2 Learning Assistant are:

  • You must have taken through Math 11B/19B and received B in all course work leading up to that course.
  • If you took courses at a Community college show B or better work in Math courses at UCSC

MSI Learning Assistant for a specific course:

  • The position requires 8-12 hours every week
  • You must attend lecture (course lecture must fit with schedule)
  • Be available to hold 6 sessions a week (dependent on student utilization). The usual schedule is:
    • Hold four 1 hour MSI sessions a week.
    • Be available for two additional 1 hour sessions for either one-on-one or small group tutoring. 
  • Hold study sessions during exam weeks as needed
  • Attend weekly TA meetings if asked to do so

*MSI consists of peer-led study groups limited to 12 students, and attendance is completely voluntary. During the MSI sessions, you help the students work together to understand class material. You, as the learning assistant, are NOT expected to present new material or to lecture to the students. We attach MSI to classes that are challenging for students. Frequently, those are classes with a no-pass rate of 20% or above.