Supplemental Instruction (SI) Position Description

What is an SI Leader?

During the SI Session, the SI Leader creates a collaborative environment where students work together to understand class concepts and problems. Through collaborative activities and interactive environments students gain study skills, confidence in the material, and friendships with their peers that will help them excel in their courses. You, as the SI Leader, should not expect to present new material or deliver information through the traditional lecture style. SI Leaders sit-in on all lectures of the class they are assigned to and use lecture as a time to review material and prepare for each SI session they hold that week. LSS attaches SI to classes that are challenging for students. Frequently, those are classes with a no-pass rate of 20% or above.

SI Leader Job Duties

  • Overall, the position requires 8-18 hours per week
  • You must attend lectures for the class you are an SI Leader for
  • Be available to hold 3-6 sessions a week, each being 1 hour long
  • Hold study sessions during exam weeks as needed (optional, due to SI leaders' capacity)
  • Attend biweekly meetings with an LSS mentor
  • Attend biweekly meetings/check-ins with faculty, if asked (dependent of faculty expectations)
  • For all positions, there is potential for providing Individual tutoring to those enrolled in the course you are supporting
  • Take accurate attendance via our tutor-sign up system, Tutor Trac, and maintain summary sheets for biweekly pay

Please reach out to the LSS Staff ( if you have questions about SI or would like more information about this position!


SI Leader Qualifications

  1. Sophomore or older (for course variety) 
  2. An overall GPA of 2.7 or above
  3. A grade of B or Better; prior enrollment with the faculty member who is to teach the selected course is preferred
  4. Content-competency of the selected course 
  5. Strong interpersonal and communication skills; comfortable talking to other students
  6. Excellent time management skills 
  7. Must have some flexibility in scheduling for sessions and mentor check-ins