Small Group Tutor Position

Small Group Tutoring (SGT)

What is a Small Group Tutor?

Small Group Tutoring is a small peer based interactive group where students sign up online to attend weekly sessions for the whole quarter. As a tutor, you will facilitate group learning sessions for your students. Tutoring sessions are meant to be collaborative, interactive, and shy away from the traditional lecture model.

Students who attend tutoring should generally come with topics or questions to discuss in tutoring sessions. 

Applicants who can support both upper and lower-division courses or multiple courses across multiple disciplines will have hiring preference.

SGT Position Requirements:

  • The position requires 6-8 hours per week (possibly more if you are assigned to more than one class)
  • Tutors do not attend lecture
    • Preparation for sessions is done on your own time (paid up to 2 hours per week)
  • Tutoring is either individual or small groups, up to 4 students
  • Tutor has 3-6 one hour sessions per a week
For all positions, there is potential for providing Individual tutoring to those enrolled in the course you are supporting