Small Group Tutor Position and Qualifications

Small Group Tutoring:

  • The position requires 5-6 hours per week (possibly more if you are assigned to more than one class)
  • Tutors do not attend lecture
    • Preparation for sessions is done on your own time (paid up to 1 hour per week)
  • Tutoring is either individual or small groups, up to 4 students

*During the tutoring sessions, you work with the student(s) to understand the material. Students sign into the online sessions you have posted and group facilitation begins once students sign up.
Applicants who can either support both upper and lower-division courses or multiple courses across multiple disciplines will have hiring preference.

Drop-in Math Tutor Position:

  • In this position you will be working with students on an individual basis in the following Math courses: Math 2, 3, 11A, 11B, 19A, 19B, 22, 23A, 23B
  • This position requires at least 5 hours a week (one of three, 4 hours shifts + 1 hour preparation)
  • You are paid at the individual rate for the full four hour shift, regardless of attendance.

The additional requirements to be Drop-in Math tutor are are:

  1. You must have received B's or Better in the Math 23 A and B series as well as and other courses you have taken at UCSC that are supported with Math drop-in.