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What are Individual Writing Appointments?

Individual writing appointments provide a space to work on Writing 2 or writing assignments for any major at UCSC. A UCSC undergraduate tutor and the student will work together to understand writing prompts, brainstorm ideas for an essay, practice revision strategies, or write for graduate school, scholarships, jobs or internships. Each writing appointment is 1-Hour.

Undergraduate tutors also assist their peers with professional writing such as cover letters, resumes, statements of purpose.

How do I sign up?

Students must sign up for tutoring via Tutor Trac in order to attend. Students can either schedule a one-time appointment or reserve an appointment with a writing tutor for the entire quarter. Let your tutor know if you are interested in attending a weekly individual writing appointment.

Tutoring begins the second week of the quarter. Students can sign up for up to 2 tutoring appointments a week per course they are enrolled in. If you schedule an appointment and cannot attend, please contact your tutor directly and give them 24 hours notice that you will need to cancel.

Group tutoring that focuses on building your writing skills and your reading comprehension skills is available for some courses.
Learn about Writing Groups and Reading Groups
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